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Compare asset tracking tag prices and materials. Find the world's broadest selection of fixed asset tags, all at guaranteed best pricing. Fixed asset tags with barcodes make inventory fast. Purchase metal asset tracking tags at the price of plastic asset labels.
  Customer Rating Tag Material Durability Adhesive Sticks to Approximate Price/Tag
100 500 1000
Most Popular Asset Barcode Materials
Buy AlumiGuard Labels
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Features: World’s most popular asset tag. Print is embedded within the aluminum to prevent any fading or scuffing. Recommended for flat surfaces. Choice of four high-bonding 3M adhesives for specific surface types and applications. Metal
$2.89 $0.90 $0.63
Buy PermaGuard Labels
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Features: The print and graphic is embedded and laminated for extreme durability. Weatherproof, chemical resistant and protects from abrasions. Conformable for any curved or flat surface. High-bonding, permanent adhesive. Laminated Vinyl
$2.89 $0.90 $0.63
Tamperproof Asset Barcode Materials
Buy SecuriGuard Labels
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Features: Destructible vinyl asset label breaks into little pieces when peeled. Provides an extra level of security from potential vandals and cannot be reused. Conformable. Great for tools. Sold in rolls. Destructible Vinyl
$2.89 $0.90 $0.63
Buy StealGuard Labels
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Features: Polyester tamper-evident label leaves a hard-to-remove metallic VOID pattern when removed. Foil checkerboard pattern is also available. Recommended for indoor use. Conformable. Sold in rolls. Polyester
$2.89 $0.90 $0.63
Buy SafeSeal Labels
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Features: Economical alternative to the SecuriGuard. Thin, destructible cast vinyl material and breaks apart during attempted removal . Print is not protected, can be written on and recommended for indoor use. Sold on sheets. Vinyl
$0.81 $0.42 $0.35
Buy VoidAlert Labels
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Features: Economical alternative to the StealGuard. Thin polyester, leaves silver foil VOID or checkerboard pattern when label is removed. Slight water and grease resistance and can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. Chance of slight discoloration on the edge of label. Sold on sheets. Polyester
$0.65 $0.35 $0.29
Economy Asset Barcode Materials
Buy FoilGuard Labels
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Features: Lowest cost metal asset label on market. 100% aluminum. Aggressive adhesive for metallic and smooth plastic surfaces. Conformable and debossable. Chance of slight discoloration on the edge of label. Sold on sheets. Recommended for light-duty applications. If durability and coloration is a priority, see our AlumiGuard line. Metal
$0.72 $0.38 $0.32
Buy Vinyl EconoGuard Labels
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Features: Affordable option to PermaGuard. Vinyl asset label with light water and chemical resistance. Rounded corners resist flagging. Aggressive adhesive and can be applied onto damp surfaces. Sold on sheets. Blank, printable sheets are available. Vinyl
$0.57 $0.29 $0.22
Buy Removable Stick-n-Peel Labels
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Features: Metallized, durable polyester label with aggressive permanent adhesive. Can be removed cleanly with no traces of residue. Applicable on metal and plastic surfaces. Polyester
$0.61 $0.32 $0.24
Buy PlioGuard Labels
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Features: The AlumiGuard’s answer for curved surfaces. Metal asset tag annealed for conformability. Print is embedded within the aluminum for extreme durability in any environment. Choice of four high-bonding 3M adhesives for specific surface types and applications. Metal
$3.45 $1.00 $0.66
Buy TattleTale Labels
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Features: Conformable aluminum asset tag recommended for preventing bicycle and tool theft. Interior cut-out with peel-off outside to prevent tag from being reused. Embedded print, weatherproof and chemical resistant. Permanent adhesive. Metal
$4.12 $1.39 $0.92
All of our asset tracking tags offer the following features:
  • Serialized numbers or barcodes at no extra charge. Or, upload your own numbers / data (with no charge).
  • All barcode symbologies. Advanced users may also change barcode specifications (density, check digits, etc.). For increased flexibility, we now offer 2D Barcodes. 2D codes allow you to use smaller, lower cost labels that are easy to apply, even to small equipment and tools.
  • Design may include your logo. We will convert even low resolution logos into camera-ready art for your asset tracking tags at no charge.
  • Find hundreds of templates. Quickly scan through our extensive library of designs and wide range of shapes. Once you have selected a template, adding your personalized text and finishing an order takes just a minute.
  • Most orders ship in 1-2 days. And, all asset tag orders over $25 ship for free! If you are in a real hurry, we also offer a program to design and then print your own asset labels, on your own printer. Create your own labels, including barcodes online and download free PDF's of your finished labels.
Please call our Asset Tag specialists for free samples or help with your material selection.
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