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Here's what our friends are saying about TechTagger:

I definitely like the idea of a low-tech solution for lost, expensive gadgets. One of the reasons I am so drawn to typewriters is the tangibility of the item — the immediacy of manually punching in the keys. Anything along these lines makes things more honest and straightforward.

— Henry Goldkamp, St. Louis-based artist whose primary medium is typewriters.

I would be in need of [TechTagger], since I do misplace expensive items frequently. I think it is most advantageous for a phone. Many consumers use password protection so there is no real way to get a hold of an owner if the phone is protected, and I would think a majority would be.

— Corey Barnett, online marketing strategist at Globe Runner.

A sticker like that would have helped us ID and reach out to the owners of the Kindle [we found at the airport]. When we decided to find them, there was some doubt as to whether the Kindle would power on and if we could find enough info in it to reach them. Even though we did get enough contact info, it took a few weeks to make the connection. Overall, [TechTagger] would have made it easier to return the device.

— Jessica Jessup, Co-Founder of Giftovus.