Asset Inventory Labels for Easy Inventory Management

Inventory Management- Overview

Inventory management is very significant for the profitability of an organization. With effective inventory management, organizations can make a remarkable difference in their revenues by minimizing costs. When your inventory is managed properly, there is minimum loss (due to theft or other factors) and this can directly lead to higher returns on investment. Logistics and supply chain managers’ main objective is to keep a close check on inventory.

Inventory in a business organization mainly consists of a list of goods and material available in stock. All these goods need to be tagged in order to know their status and to keep a relevant check on their availability. It is important that your company has neither too much nor too little inventory. Your customer satisfaction quotient too depends on your inventory management.

Role of Inventory Asset Labels

Inventory asset labels are tags, stickers, or cards that are fixed or pasted on the stock items for monitoring and tracking purpose. The inventory asset labels also give information about the status of the product in supply chain. You can very accurately track your inventory during manufacturing process through information on inventory labels. Also properly marked inventory asset labels enable organizations to avoid shipping and transportation slips.

Before you choose an asset inventory label, always consider and look into your requirement. For example, choosing an indoor label for an asset that is kept outside most of the time is wastage of your investment.

Asset Inventory Labels for Complete Inventory Management Needs

Inventory asset labels are required at various stages in supply chain. At, we provide organizations with high-quality inventory asset labels to meet all kinds of inventory management needs. Our various asset inventory labels are listed below:

You can order bulk custom asset inventory labels from us and receive quantity discounts. We provide inventory labels in pack of 500 tags and 1,000 tags. You can get tags in various colors. You can also get weather proof inventory labels. We have several design variations too. With clearly marked inventory asset labels, your work processes and inventory management can be simplified to a large extent.

If you need help ordering online or need an expert opinion on what to buy, then talk to our expert on our toll free number 1-800-952-1457. Our office hours are from 9:00am to 6:00pm E.S.T (Monday to Friday).
Alumi-Guard Metal Asset Tags
Alumi-Guard metal asset tags use a premium 3M adhesive to permanently bond your tag to your equipment. This adhesive is pre-applied to your tag. Just peel off the liner, press the tag into place and let the adhesive cure for 48 hours. The asset tag becomes virtually impossible to remove (without an instrument).
Quantity Discount:
Take advantage of our quantity discount program. It means more quantity ordered = discounted price.
Quantity Discount: Take advantage of our quantity discount program. It means more quantity ordered = discounted price.

Free Guide to Asset Tags

'Top 10' tips for an effective Asset Tag:
Determine Which Assets to Label
Proper Size for your Asset Tag
Asset Tag Headlines
Color Coded Asset Tags
Sequentially Numbered Asset Tags
Bar-Codes on Asset Tags
Logos on Asset Tags
Asset Tag Materials
Use the Right Asset Tag Adhesive
Place Your Asset Tags Properly