Computer Asset Labels

IT organizations need to monitor and track their computer hardware for better security as well as monitoring. Very often computer systems/hardware needs to be moved from one department to another and without any computer asset labels on them, it gets very difficult to track them. In the absence of computer assets tracking, organizations can lose computer hardware and valuable software and other data that is stored in them. Thus computer asset tracking by way of computer asset labels is very crucial for IT organizations. Barcode tags are also used as computer asset labels.

How to use Computer Asset Labels for best results?

When using computer asset labels on your system always keep in mind some of the following points:

  • Stick the computer asset labels on a flat and dry surface.
  • Before you stick the label remember to clean the surface. Use a proper solvent cleaner and make sure the surface dries completely.
  • Make sure that you don’t put your finger imprint on the adhesive when removing the liner to expose the asset label. A fingerprint may reduce the adhesive capabilities of the asset label by as much as 40%.
  • Press down firmly to the computer to ensure that the adhesive of the computer asset labels bonds fully with the application surface.
  • Let the adhesive dry properly. Waiting for sometime will increase the strength of the adhesive.

The Alumi-Guard asset labels available at our online store work quite well as computer asset labels . The computer surface is mostly made of either metal or high-performance plastic. Both these surface are ideal for computer asset labels with permanent as well as temporary adhesive. But remember the computer asset labels should be applied on places that are not exposed to your fingers and hands easily. Putting them at place they are not tampered with will keep them there for a long time. Request free samples, or place your order!

You can also put computer asset labels on computer backpacks, mouse pads, and other computer storage and transportation material. For backpacks, you can also order for computer asset labels with holes punched in each end of the tag. You can simply rivet the computer asset labels to the material. The label gets attached to the computer accessories with ease. Thus, using the computer asset labels for your computer hardware decrease tampering and if any equipment gets misplaced, you can track it easily.

Ordering Computer Asset Labels

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Alumi-Guard Metal Asset Tags
Alumi-Guard metal asset tags use a premium 3M adhesive to permanently bond your tag to your equipment. This adhesive is pre-applied to your tag. Just peel off the liner, press the tag into place and let the adhesive cure for 48 hours. The asset tag becomes virtually impossible to remove (without an instrument).
Quantity Discount:
Take advantage of our quantity discount program. It means more quantity ordered = discounted price.
Quantity Discount: Take advantage of our quantity discount program. It means more quantity ordered = discounted price.

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