Property Identification Labels

Property identification labels are used by companies and institutions for property identification and asserting their ownership. Identifying and maintaining property is important for every company because of the investment involved and loss due to theft or other factors.

Using property identification labels is like putting your ownership mark on the asset. Some are likely to be moved, or are sub-contractor’s inventory, etc. Therefore, they need to be marked to know their current status and to track them in case of loss. There are different kinds of property identification labels that are used for items that are kept outdoors and those that are kept indoors.

Advantages of property identification labels

Using property identification labels allows you to track your asset easily. Below are some reasons that show how important it is to use property identification labels:

  • With these property identification labels , you can identify owned assets quickly and easily.
  • Keeping a track of the serial or model numbers can be done efficiently.
  • Your inventory management is simplified with the property ID labels.
  • Tracking high value equipment such as laptops, PDA's, computer hardware and other valuable assets. With the regular checks the safety of the equipment is ensured.
  • These property identification labels reduce the chance of theft of your company assets or personal equipments.
  • You can keep track of the asset in case of any shipping errors, etc.
  • A vigil can be kept on the life of the asset and the depreciation schedule.
  • The schedule for maintenance and replacement of owned assets can be prepared easily.

Pointers to be Kept in Mind While Placing an Order

You can easily customize our asset identification labels. We offer cost-effective and superior tags. For more information, you can see asset identification label FAQs or ask our experts. Also read about Computer Asset Labels, Laptop Asset Tags, Inventory Asset Tags, and Barcode Asset Tags.

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Quantity Discount: Take advantage of our quantity discount program. It means more quantity ordered = discounted price.

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