Why Customers Choose our Asset Tags?

Your inventory is always in flux: assets are bought, reassigned, upgraded, retired, sent for maintenance and loaned out. For tracking your dynamic inventory set and preventing tampering and theft, a comprehensive asset tag set is your best step forward to create an organized asset management program. Your asset labeling program is our number-one priority. With years of experience in the asset tag and label business, more customers realize that we offer a truly unique proposition -- tamper-resistance and and theft prevention, all in one label. Each design is thoughtfully constructed to make your business work better.
  • Great Asset Tag and Label Materials.
    We only use the highest grade materials for every asset label set. For example, our plastic asset labels are an affordable and suitable option for a number of environments.  Printed with high- resolution imaging and using popular label brands, our plastic asset labels are second to none. For a tougher tag, our metal asset tags remain "Cadillac" of the asset tag industry. They withstand abuse and have outlasted other tags for more than a generation.When you analyze the cost of implementing an asset tagging program, it is easy to see why the most savvy IT and security specialists choose aluminum asset tags. Compared to the costs of installation, maintenance and setup for your equipment, the cost of an asset tag program is miniscule. Yet, your program boils down to the quality of the tag you choose. The cost to deliver, replace and reapply an asset tag significantly undermines any savings from purchasing 'economy' asset labels.
  • Great Asset Tag Prices.
    Buying asset tags direct from the factory means that our prices cannot be beat. Compare the price of our premium aluminum asset tags with the plastic asset labels sold by others - our highest quality tags come at a far greater value than the competition.
  • Bar-Code Labels at No Extra Charge.
    Simply put: barcode asset tags save time and reduce errors. Make inventory faster with a barcoded asset tag set. The trends are obvious. Bar codes are everywhere. Readers are now inexpensive and easy to integrate into your systems. Many others charge more for bar code labels. We do not.
  • Low Asset Tag Minimums.
    Order as few as 50 asset tags or asset labels. We have the best price for small batch orders, great for small or growing businesses that value their assets and inventory.
  • Industry-Leading Technology.
    Our innovations are too numerous to mention. Here are a few examples: our technology used to design asset tags caught the eye of OfficeMax, FedEx, Staples and other major companies. They now license the technology for the design of their business cards, calendars and other printed items. For asset tags, we offer a full range of barcodes, including 2-D barcodes. For the latest on industry innovation, ask us about our RFID asset tags.
  • No Extra Charges for Asset Tag Art.
    There are no art charges or plate charges for your custom orders of asset tags and asset labels. For most logos, we also offer free art services to help clean up your asset tag logo.
  • Track Your Asset Tag Order.
    Track your asset tag order as it progresses through the factory. We ship quickly and transparently - know where your order goes, from the factory to your mailbox.
  • Fast Delivery.
    Although we promise that your orders will ship in 5-7 days, don't hesitate to call our customer service team for more urgent requests. In most cases, we can rush your order through and your asset tags can leave the factory a day or two after approval.

Great Asset Tagging Services
Customers come back year after year for our durable asset tags. Why? Logos and Barcodes are no extra charge. We offer the industry's premium aluminum asset tags for less than most others sell plastic asset tags.

2D codes are some of our most recent innovations. Our tags will take on major linear bar code symbologies, writing ID and data fields to the tags from a database in cases where bar code images are not required.

Laser Printable Sheets
Free online design! Asset labels can be designed with our Custom Wizard, which produces a .pdf version of your labels. Use our laser printable sheets to print your own asset labels on durable label materials.