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Part# TG-1612
Shape Vertical

Product Description

This two-part Inventory tag allows you to write on the top paper while transferring the message to the hard copy beneath.

  • Tags can be attached with optional pressure-sensitive adhesive on back or ties.
  • We choose the starting numbering for you. You will recieve sequentially numbered tags for whatever quantity you order!
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  • 4.75" x 2.375"
  • Cardstock
  • 2-Part Cabon Manila Tag
2-Part Cabon Manila Tag
Yes! 1 Paper Copy for Office May 26
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  • Perforated paper copy transfers writing to underlying tag.
  • Carbon paper top sheet and 10pt manila cardstock tag.
  • Tag has a 1/4" eyelet with reinforced fiber patch.
  • Sequentially numbered.
  • Adhesive strip on the back.
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Size:4.75" x 2.375"
Material:2-Part Cabon Manila Tag
500 Tags/Pack
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