Economy Plastic, Metallized Polyester, & Paper Labels 31414

  • Economical barcode labels
Affordable labels that don’t compromise quality! Get vinyl for the price of paper.
  • • Consecutive numbering on every set makes inventory and asset management a snap.
  • • Premium die-cut shapes keep square corners from flagging.
  • • Plastic materials include removable polyester cloth, brushed polyester, tough aluminum foil, tamper evident labels, and more.
  • • Paper options include a recycled paper label and labels that work in cold temperatures.
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AlumiGuard vs FoilGuard? Which is best for you? Watch how the tags survive three torture tests.
Design & Print Your Own Barcodes For Free
Design & Print Your Own Barcodes For Free
Create your own barcode labels online. Wizard will produce a sheet of barcode labels automatically for you to download and print yourself.
Step 1: Select a Shape
  • Select a shape for your barcode labels. In the next steps, you choose a size, personalize text and select a material.
  • Click to select
    Rectangular Designs
  • Click to select
    Square Designs
  • Click to select
    Circular Designs
  • Click to select
    Oval Designs
  • Click to select
    Special Shapes
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Customer Reviews

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Sep 20, 2021

Custom Label Templates, 3" x 5"... : Custom Label With Barcode, 3" x 5"
Part #: LB-3222R-B 3" x 5" Paper Labels with Cold Temperature Adhesive   Verified Purchase

First time ordering labels

Perfectly made and fast delivery
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Aug 16, 2021

Custom Label Templates, 0.5"... : Custom Barcode Label, 0.5" Circle
Part #: LB-3080P 0.5" x 0.5" Paper Labels (from Recycled Stock)   Verified Purchase


Great job!
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Jul 15, 2021

Custom Label Templates, 0.75" x... : Custom Label With Numbering, 0.75"...
Part #: LB-3020P-N 0.75" x 1.5" Gloss AlumiGuard® Metal Asset Tag   Verified Purchase

Great way to tag your equipment!

I needed a way to make sure that the vendors where we will take equipment for repairs are able to tell our equipment apart from that of others and the Metal Asset Tag did the job. Highly recommend it.
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Jul 12, 2021

Custom Circular School Bicycle... : Create Bicycle Permit - Add School...
Part #: PP-3830 1.25" x 1.25" Engineer Grade Reflective Labels   Verified Purchase

10/10 would recommend

Quick turnaround time (2 days) and the quality is exceptional.
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Jul 07, 2021

Custom Asset Tags, 1" x 2" : Asset Label, Property of Company...
Part #: AT-3031 1" x 2" Vinyl EconoGuard™ Barcode Labels   Verified Purchase


They work great look good, and fast shipping.