Anodized Aluminum and Metal Barcode Labels. 31417

  • Anodized metal barcode labels
Durable metal barcode labels outlast chemicals, solvents and, even, scouring pads. Anodized aluminum seals the graphics into pores of the aluminum. Barcodes and print cannot wash off.
  • • Used by utilities for pole marking, warehouse pros for organization, and rental car fleets for tracking inventory; this is the same material used by the US Navy.
  • • For an affordable option, try aluminum FoilGuard – surface printed, 100% aluminum with an aggressive 3M adhesive.
  • • Ask for our free sample kit.
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Learn why asset tag professionals specify anodized aluminum tags. No tag is tougher. See torture tests.
Instant Quote for Custom Labels
Instant Quote for Custom Labels
Get an instant and no obligation quote on the industry’s toughest aluminum tag.
Step 1: Select a Shape
  • Select a shape for your barcode labels. Then, choose a material, size, and personalize text.
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