Removable Barcode Labels

  • Removable Polyester Barcode Labels
Removable barcode labels are great where you need a temporary label that sticks, but easily peels off when you're done. Stick-n-Peel™ barcode labels work on most surfaces, but still remove without any residue. Polyester strands make these easy to pull up and reapply.
  • • Great for product marketing. Place the label on a display, and easily peel it off after the sale.
  • • Make custom barcode labels with our templates. Choose from a bunch of different shapes and sizes, and add your custom logo or stock numbers at no extra cost.
  • • You can also try lower cost removable paper labels, including an ultra-removable paper label material with a low-tack adhesive, similar to the 3M Post-It product line.
Step 1: Select a Shape
  • Select a shape for your barcode labels. In the next steps, you choose a size, personalize text and select a material.
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    Rectangular Designs
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    Square Designs
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    Circular Designs
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    Oval Designs
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    Special Shapes
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