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What is TechTagger?

TechTagger is a low-tech way to solve a high-tech problem – it’s a free, web-based asset management system.

All that’s a fancy way of saying: it’s a way to try to save your stuff if it gets lost by relying on other people’s kindness.

All you have to do is give us your address and contact information and tell us what you want to tag. Then, around the following Friday, we’ll send you two tags.

One tag is a circle and the other is a rectangle. The rectangle will have a QR code on it – which people with QR readers can scan – as well as an alphanumeric code. The other just has an alphanumeric code on it. Both include a URL that people can go to in order to contact you through us, so you can stay anonymous.

That way, if someone finds your stuff, they can visit a page where they can punch in your code. Then, they’ll have an opportunity to send you a message (For example, "Hey, I found your phone sitting under the bar at Death & Company! Do you want it back? My name’s Mike M., and my phone number is 555-1234. Get in touch and I’ll see what I can do!").

Wait. Does this mean someone will be able to find my personal information by scanning my tag or going to the URL?!

NO. People who find your stuff won’t see your address or phone number. It’s up to you whether to reveal that information when you respond.

We think that it’s important to use a lockscreen on cell phones and laptops and tablets. The problem is, if you do that, it means that people who find your stuff won’t have a way of returning it. TechTagger is basically a way to have your cake and eat it too – it allows you to use a lockscreen or password, while still allowing good Samaritans to return your things if they find them.

Can I remove the tag, or swap my tags from item to item?

We don’t recommend it – once placed and then removed, the tag loses most of its adhesion.

Where can I get more tags?

At the moment, we can only offer two tags per person. That will probably change, though. Email [email protected] and we might be able to hook you up.

I wish you did [feature x]

Chances are we hadn’t thought of that, or we have, we’d like to, and we just haven’t yet because the TechTagger program is still growing.

Either way, tell us what you want and we’ll see what we can do! Contact [email protected] with your suggestions.

If someone finds my phone/laptop/whatever, do you reveal my contact information to them?

Absolutely not. That’s the whole point.

Does TechTagger work?

Yes. We know it works because we’ve tagged our own stuff!

We can’t guarantee that people will contact you if they find your tech. We can guarantee that they won’t get in touch with you if they can’t figure out how! TechTagger allows them to do that while protecting your identity.

What can I use TechTagger on?

You can use it on anything. We recommend using the small, circular tag on a cell phone. The larger tag with the QR code is perfect for a laptop or a tablet.

Any tips for applying my tags?

Yup. First of all, try to make sure your tag placement is right the first time, and don’t remove and then replace your tags. The adhesive will work best if you:

  1. Place it on the item gently but firmly.
  2. Place a heavy object like a thick book on top of the item and the tag, just to press them firmly together.
  3. Leave them that way overnight.

The adhesive on the tags will work well on plastic or metal, so if you need to place it on a tablet or laptop case, just follow the same procedure.

Are you going to use our private information?

No. We will not send you any solicitation emails, and we will not publish, sell or otherwise distribute your personal information. You will only receive emails from us if someone finds your stuff, or if we make changes to our asset tracking system that affect you – for example, we may add features that you might want to use.

We may publish statistics on our users as a group – for example, what they’re tagging and where they’re from – but we will never discuss any particular user in a public forum, or sell our customers’ information. Not now, not ever.

What if someone demands money for me to get my stuff back?

We can’t help what people tell you in their messages. But you did leave your tech laying around where someone could grab it… The best way to make sure no one hits you up for reward money is to not lose your stuff in the first place! TechTagger is just plan B.

Why are you doing this, anyway?

Down the road, we might start selling additional tags beyond the first two, or adding features that people can pay for. The service we’re offering for the first two tags will remain free, though, so don’t expect us to start hitting you up for cash!

We’re also out to test a hypothesis about human nature. We won’t save or publish any interactions, obviously – the messages people send tag finders will remain private, and we aren’t going to read them, either.

We like to think we live in a world where someone might want to return other people’s lost property because it’s the right thing to do, and this is a way for us to test that theory. If TechTagger helps you find your stuff, please let us know – contact us at [email protected].