Inventory Tags with Options: Build-a-Tag™

Build-a-Tag Inventory Tags
For a better tag design, Build-a-Tag™. These are one of our popular stock designs with numbering and one- or two-copies for the office. Multi-part tags are carbonless. Your writing is transferred, without carbon, to the cardstock tag itself. The paper copy can be snapped off the tag, once you have finished your writing. This unique tag design makes it easy to manage your records, on-site and off. Both two and three-part tag designs are available to suit the needs of your inventory system. Better manage your records with this easy tear-off design that makes sharing information a snap.
  • • Write on these tags with a pen, pencil or marker on its writing-receptive surface.
  • • Heavy Duty Manila Cardstock Inventory Tags are pre-numbered (we select starting number).
  • • All tags are 6-1/4" x 3-1/8" with a Fiber patch for extra reinforcement.
  • • Choose tags with no attachment option, with strings or adhesive back. The adhesive backing gives you the option to "stick" the tag to a box, when there is no good "foothold" for the wire or string.
Pack (500 tags/pack)
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