2-Part Inventory Tag (#8): 2-Part Manila Tags (with stub), Sequentially Numbered, Adhesive Strip (T323-PS2-500) Learn More...

Part# T323-PS2-500
Color Manila
Shape Vertical

Product Description

This Two-Part Combo Tag and Label is now available in an economical bulk pack.

  • This combination Inventory AND Label tag has adhesive strip on the back that can be used to stick that tag to a flat surface. To expose the adhesive, just peel of the liner.
  • Multi-part tags are carbon-free. Your writing is transferred, without carbon, to the cardstock tag itself. The paper copy can be snapped off the tag, once you have finished writing.
  • Record your inventory data in the field. Write on this tag with a pencil or pen.
  • A Fiber patch provides extra reinforcement.
  • Tags are pre-numbered (we select starting number).
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  • 6.25" x 3.125"
  • Cardstock & NCR Paper
  • 2-Part Inventory Tag
  • Cardstock & NCR Paper - Small Pack
  • 2-Part Inventory Tag
2-Part Inventory Tag
Feb 7
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  • Create a paper copy for the office. Write on the top paper copy and this writing is transferred to the tag itself. Paper is perforated at the top for easy removal.
  • Top sheet is a 60# white NCR type paper. The paper form has the same preprinting as the underlying tag.
  • The tag and the corresponding tear-off sheet are stamped with the same number. The batch of tags, however, is stamped sequentially.
  • Back of tag has an adhesive strip that can be used to stick this tag onto a flat surface. Simply peel off the liner and press the tag onto your part.
  • Reinforcing fiber patch is included. Eyelet diameter is 1/4".
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Size:6.25" x 3.125"
Material: 2-Part Inventory Tag
100 Tags/Pack
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