FAQ - BikeGuard: The Free Bike Registry
BikeGuard tags your bike, so if it's ever lost or stolen, you have a better chance of getting it back. We're the only bicycle registry that gives free tags to members.
Register your bike on our main page, with any identifying information you want to include. You don't have to register your manufacturer's serial number, but we recommend it.
Yes. The BikeGuard system includes unlimited bike registration, asset tags per bike, and shipping.
Every bike registered on BikeGuard is assigned a unique ID number, embedded on your asset tags. When your bike is found, police identify and match the bike with the information you registered in our system.
Yes. The tags are backed with an adhesive that bonds permanently to your bike. The glossy, anodized aluminum layer has durable embedded print. They're tamper-resistant, will conform to your bike and can withstand heat, abrasions, and chemical exposure.
Why BikeGuard?
Registering helps reunite you with your bike if it's ever lost or stolen. Registries are used by police stations and bike owners to identify and return stolen bicycles. The tag has your unique ID number and a QR code. When someone scans the code, they will be taken to our site where they can tell you they found your bike.
An unregistered bike may be impounded. In some states, if the owner has not registered or requested the return of the bike with proof of ownership within 90 days, the bicycle is considered unclaimed. The city may retain the bike, transfer it to another department, donate your bike to charity, or sell it.
No. We're happy to ship them to you for free, but even if you don't order tags, you can still report your bike as stolen in our system, and use our site to post about your missing bike. BikeGuard isn't dependent on unique ID numbers: if you register with us after your bike is stolen, we can still help you try to get it back.
Yes. Our servers are protected behind a firewall. Specifically, we use 256-bit SSL encryption (the same as most banks) to protect customer data and all information stored within the BikeGuard program. We help people to contact you anonymously if they find your bike, but they won't have any information about you.
No. You can add more bikes at any time. You can even register an entire family's (or whole community's) bikes under one account.
Feel free to contact us. All partnerships are free; we're just working to spread the word.
Why we're here
Free registration and free asset tags for every bike you own, shipped straight to your door. BikeGuard's community — cyclists like you and the BikeGuard team — gives you a network of resources to help find your bike.
Our staff is often at a loss for safe places to park and lock our bikes. Through our parent company, SmartSign, we work for MyAssetTag, an online retailer for asset tags. We ride our bikes all over Brooklyn and NYC; they bring us to and from work. Like all bike owners, we live with the fear that one day we will find our bikes missing.

So we're sort of selfishly doing this for us, but then as a bonus, we get to help you, too. Here we are: a network of bike lovers, on the web and on the ground — and we invite you to join us.
Please contact us by email. We look forward to speaking with you.