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Duckie's Bike - Northrock

Date Stolen: 10/30/2019
Stolen from: Glendale, AZ
The bike was parked on a bike rack east of fletcher library and south side of the CLCC building. The lock was through the frame and both tires. I last saw it at 12:00 pm when I went to class and came back around 8:08 pm to see that it was gone along with the lock.
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MunshA - Mongoose

Date Stolen: 9/16/2019
Stolen from: Ypsilanti, MI
Taken from Eastern Michigan Univesity's "Village Apartments" by "C" Bldg at the bike rack. Taken sometime between 9/15 /19 @ 7pm and 9/16/19 at 9am

Darian's Bike - Brilliant

Date Stolen: 9/15/2019
Stolen from: Phoenix, AZ
I had to bike to my job at 10:50 am and I locked my bike to a light post. At 2:00 pm, my bike was still there. However, when I got out of work at 4:40, my bike was missing and the lock cable was cut.
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David's Bike #2 - Cannondale

Date Stolen: 8/15/2019
Stolen from: chula vista, CA

Shannon's road bike - Fuji

Date Stolen: 8/13/2019
Stolen from: Tucson, AZ
Noticed it was gone when I came home from an appointment around 1 pm on August 13. The severed cable lock was left in the alleyway behind my house.

267 - Fuji

Date Stolen: 8/1/2019
Stolen from: Lexington Park, MD
Bike was secured in a building, bike last seen December 2018.

Feather weight - Ibis

Date Stolen: 5/26/2019
Stolen from: Phoenix, AZ
Bike was inside a home that we live at, and while we were sleeping someone stole the bike and took it from inside..
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Cannondale Quick - Cannondale

Date Stolen: 5/24/2019
Stolen from: Phoenix, AZ
Remind was stolen from outside of a friend's house I stopped in to say hello the next thing that I know I come out and my bike is gone.

Nate's Trek Domane - Trek

Date Stolen: 5/21/2019
Stolen from: Chandler, AZ
Locked it to a cart corral, 30 min later it was gone.

Del's Blue Miami Sun - Miami Sun

Date Stolen: 5/3/2019
Stolen from: Phoenix, AZ
Stolen overnight from the carport.

Womens Diamondback - Diamond Back

Date Stolen: 4/29/2019
Stolen from: Mesa, AZ
REI sticker on frame. Taken out of garage. Was hanging up on bike hooks. Garage broken into.

Trek Marlin 6 <3 - Trek

Date Stolen: 4/23/2019
Stolen from: Boulder , CO
Bike was locked outside of Post Brewing close to Pearl Street for 1-2 hours and when I came out lock was cut and bike gone. Bright blue bike with sticker on it pretty recognizable, please contact 8458202001 if found. Thank you

Mom's Trike - Schwinn

Date Stolen: 4/19/2019
Stolen from: Omaha, NE
stolen out of locked shed sometime since last fall

Del's Red Miami Sun - Miami Sun

Date Stolen: 3/22/2019
Stolen from: Phoenix, AZ
Tricycle stolen from carport.

Joemama's All Chrome MTN Bike - Giant

Date Stolen: 3/1/2019
Stolen from: Scottsdale, AZ
Bike may have been inside a bike storage cage at the Carter Apts. in Old Town Scottsdale when it was stolen, along with others.
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Specialized - Specialized

Date Stolen: 2/22/2019
Stolen from: Sacramento, CA
I was entering he 76 gas station when a man run up got on the bike and road off very fast. The bike was leaning against the building next to the door I was walking into

Jackie Brown - Pure Fix

Date Stolen: 2/17/2019
Stolen from: Long Beach, CA

Peter B. Thompson - 6KU

Date Stolen: 2/7/2019
Stolen from: Chico, CA
Unkown.Bike was locked to rack near Sutter Hall. Bike was locked with Kryptonite Mini 7 and heavy cable lock around the front wheel. Front and rear wheels had Kryptonite wheel locks. Bike was underneath light and parked near about 500 other bikes. Bike was in middle of rack with U-lock around rear tire and rear frame. Theft may have occurred over winter break.
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Tbone - Specialized

Date Stolen: 1/28/2019
Stolen from: Olympia , WA
It’s was locked behind the gate for the boat marina we’re i live it’s on camera
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Specialized Rumor FSR Expert 650b - Specialized

Date Stolen: 1/8/2019
Stolen from: Lubbock, TX
stolen from the garage sometime between 12/9/2018 and 1/8/2019

Leslie Knope - State Bicycle Co.

Date Stolen: 12/21/2018
Stolen from: Phoenix, AZ
Parked in the 3rd Ave Garage at St. Joseph's Hospital for a few hours. When I came out to ride home, she was missing and the bike rack had been taken apart to get the bike and the U-Lock along with it. She has a rack on her, and her pedals have toe cages. She also has a red cell phone holder and a blue water bottle cage from Slippery Pig Bike Shop. Her bike seat was swapped out with the stock seat from my Trek (Bontrager) and had a bit of a rip in it from a previous accident. I had only had her for a couple of months and had put less than 100 miles on her. I'd love her to come back to me ASAP. PHOENIX PD Case No. 2018-2246057 OFC MECHE 6691 602.262.7626
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D-haro - Haro

Date Stolen: 11/8/2018
Stolen from: Reno, NV
Went inside casino had bike locked on bike rack and when I came out it was gone

Trek 1500 - Trek

Date Stolen: 11/7/2018
Stolen from: Boston, MA
Bike was locked, through fork, front and rear tires (and city bike rack). Taken between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm from a VERY busy street.
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Santino's Labate - Sole

Date Stolen: 10/30/2018
Stolen from: Los Angeles , CA
Stolen from the Lorenzo apartment bike garage at 5 PM, October 30th.
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