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Black Cat - Novara

Date Stolen: 7/29/2020
Stolen from: Seattle, WA
Bike thief gained entry to an underground garage and must have had time to cut through titanium lock.

kink kitty - kink

Date Stolen: 7/19/2020
Stolen from: phoenix, AZ
robbed at gun point by two adolescents

Kristin’s Haro - Haro

Date Stolen: 7/13/2020
Stolen from: SCOTTSDALE, AZ
My bike was stored in the Carter bike cage room on the 3rd floor of our apartment's above ground secure parking garage. I pass the "secure" bike room when I come and go from my car, checking to see that my bike is there, and last confirmed it was there on Sunday, 7/12. I noticed today, 7/15/20 at 6pm when leaving, it was missing. Photo of room attached but I have additional, couldn't attach more than one. The thief had to cut the bolts and destroy the property of the bike rack itself in order to steal the bike. I had TWO locks on my bike: a U lock locking the front wheel to the bike rack, a kryptonite 8mm Chain bike lock connecting the front wheel, bike frame, and bike rack.
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Quinn's Cannondale Bike - Cannondale

Date Stolen: 6/1/2020
Stolen from: Seattle, WA
Bike was stolen out of secure bike room in apartment building.

Steven Flores EBike - Hyper

Date Stolen: 4/10/2020
Stolen from: Phoenix, AZ
Bike was in the backyard and the next day it was gone. back tire deflated and not functioning.

Haro 7005 - Haro 7005

Date Stolen: 4/9/2020
Stolen from: Independence, MO
Got Someone On My security camera Takeing My Haro 7005 Gray And Black White And Red The Person Was Pushing My Bicycles Up The Street Wear He Stolen At From The Model Number is A000412023 And The Serial Number is 01pgo3449 And The Case Number is 2020-23463 Call Me At 816 469-1286 if You See At Please From Jacob Hensley

Chris's Bike - ECOTRIC

Date Stolen: 3/26/2020
Stolen from: Goodyear, AZ
Bike was stolen when I was at work. It was chained up to a Iron fence.

Fortress -

Date Stolen: 2/21/2020
Stolen from: Salt lake city, UT
I had a verbal agreement with an aquaintance that he could borrow my bicycle for a couple of hours to run errands. I made him aware that my bike is registered and if he didn't bring it back that itd be reported. This person verbally agreed, shook my hand and left

JP bike - Hawk

Date Stolen: 1/30/2020
Stolen from: Jaipur, AL

Linus Roadster Sport - Linus

Date Stolen: 12/16/2019
Stolen from: New York, NY
Lock is Axa Defender Frame Lock

Kelly's Bike - Centurion

Date Stolen: 12/15/2019
The bike was stolen from my back yard. It is a red Centurion Accordo bike with a mixte style frame. Accessories attached: battery powered headlight and back light, as well as a black powder coated rack on the rear wheels. My U-lock (I believe the brand is Mad Dog) was also stolen with the bike.

Duckie's Bike - Northrock

Date Stolen: 10/30/2019
Stolen from: Glendale, AZ
The bike was parked on a bike rack east of fletcher library and south side of the CLCC building. The lock was through the frame and both tires. I last saw it at 12:00 pm when I went to class and came back around 8:08 pm to see that it was gone along with the lock.

Trek 7300 Multitrack - Trek

Date Stolen: 10/18/2019
Stolen from: Myrtle Beach, SC
Cable lock was cut and bike was stolen from bike rack at Bermuda Sands Resort
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MunshA - Mongoose

Date Stolen: 9/16/2019
Stolen from: Ypsilanti, MI
Taken from Eastern Michigan Univesity's "Village Apartments" by "C" Bldg at the bike rack. Taken sometime between 9/15 /19 @ 7pm and 9/16/19 at 9am
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K2 - K2

Date Stolen: 9/10/2019
Stolen from: Orl, FL
was stolen while in the library using the computer. was an orlando police on site with cam outside, officer wouldnt even look at the video or take my report, told me to go online to file a report.
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David's Bike #2 - Cannondale

Date Stolen: 8/15/2019
Stolen from: chula vista, CA

Shannon's road bike - Fuji

Date Stolen: 8/13/2019
Stolen from: Tucson, AZ
Noticed it was gone when I came home from an appointment around 1 pm on August 13. The severed cable lock was left in the alleyway behind my house.

Ashley's Bike - Giant

Date Stolen: 8/13/2019
Stolen from: Glendora, CA
Bike stolen out of storage unit

Ken's Bike - Kona

Date Stolen: 8/13/2019
Stolen from: Glendora, CA
Bike stolen out of storage locker

Feather weight - Ibis

Date Stolen: 5/26/2019
Stolen from: Phoenix, AZ
Bike was inside a home that we live at, and while we were sleeping someone stole the bike and took it from inside..
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Cannondale Quick - Cannondale

Date Stolen: 5/24/2019
Stolen from: Phoenix, AZ
Remind was stolen from outside of a friend's house I stopped in to say hello the next thing that I know I come out and my bike is gone.

Nate's Trek Domane - Trek

Date Stolen: 5/21/2019
Stolen from: Chandler, AZ
Locked it to a cart corral, 30 min later it was gone.

Del's Blue Miami Sun - Miami Sun

Date Stolen: 5/3/2019
Stolen from: Phoenix, AZ
Stolen overnight from the carport.

Womens Diamondback - Diamond Back

Date Stolen: 4/29/2019
Stolen from: Mesa, AZ
REI sticker on frame. Taken out of garage. Was hanging up on bike hooks. Garage broken into.
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