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Corbett Swoop - Xtracycle

Date Stolen: 11/26/2022
Stolen from: Chicago, IL
Bike was locked to rear stairs of building. The thief cut out a portion of the stairs' railing in order to remove the bike. The bike was noticed stolen the evening of November 26.

Christi's Bike - Giant

Date Stolen: 11/14/2022
Stolen from: Scottsdale, AZ
Bike was stolen out of our garage. Doors were closed and locked.

Giant 1 - Giant

Date Stolen: 11/11/2022
Stolen from: San Diego, CA
A bike was stolen from a locked garage, the thieves, went there at 10 pm at night to look around and take small stuff, and back at 2 am for the bigger stuff, they cut the security cable and took my MTB as well another neighbor's bike. all this was beautifully recorded.  

CF MB - Giant

Date Stolen: 10/30/2022
Stolen from: Loa angeles, CA
Was an attempt to steal it. Frame was vandalized and rendered not worth of repairing

Jimbo's Hyper E-Ride - Hyper

Date Stolen: 10/27/2022
Stolen from: Tempe, AZ
I stopped at Jimmy John's on Southern and Rural. Parked just outside the doorway and didn't lock the bike as I thought I could see the bike rack from inside. Turns out I couldn't quite monitor it. Ate a quick sandwich and went outside to find the bike gone. My own fault as I didn't lock it. Luckily it was pretty cheap when I bought it for $600. Easy to replace.

Cathys Bike - Jamis

Date Stolen: 9/28/2022
Stolen from: Tucson, AZ
Biked locked up on University of AZ school campus. Bike lock cut and left. Bike stolen. Police report #: U2209300013

Specialized Shiv Elite - Specialized

Date Stolen: 9/18/2022
Stolen from: Mesa, AZ

Bossy - Felt

Date Stolen: 7/16/2022
Stolen from: Tucson , AZ
A friend of mine was riding my bike and it was night time in the area of wetmore and Ruth Roth and she was knocked off the bike and the bike was taken from her

Mine - Specialized

Date Stolen: 7/10/2022
Stolen from: Corvallis, OR
Bike was stolen

Blue Single Surrey 4 (Tempe) - Wheel Fun Rentals

Date Stolen: 2/6/2022
Stolen from: Tempe, AZ
Bike was not returned to the designated space and another group walked up and drove away.
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Jurasek, M - Co-op

Date Stolen: 12/8/2021
Stolen from: Ypsilanti, MI
Stolen from front of buildings 12/8/21 between 3pm and 7pm. No suspects, reported to EMUPD.
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Pink Panther - Sunday

Date Stolen: 8/3/2021
Stolen from: Tucson, AZ
Bike was stolen from me. The person who has it shall change the color of bike. It was army green, now its a wild hot pink " last I seen it" . black fat tires, no break system

Lauren’s Bike - Huffy

Date Stolen: 6/27/2021
Stolen from: Phoenix, AZ
I was out of town June 25-June 28. My bike was locked in my parking spot in apartment gated parking garage. Upon returning at 11 pm on June 28th bike was missing ans lock was cut and left at scene.

Sikk UFO Fat Tire Cruiser - Sikk

Date Stolen: 1/3/2021
Stolen from: Scottsdale, AZ
I noticed my bike was not in the rack on the evening of Jan 3 (the bike rack in the J garage of the Optima Camelview Condos). However the theft could have taken place anytime between Jan 1 in the evening to Jan 3 in the evening. The cable was cut. The bike next to me (which I also own) the cable was cut, but not all the way through, therefore an attempt to steal that bike was unsuccessful.

Ian swartz -

Date Stolen: 11/20/2020
Stolen from: Phoenix, AZ
Was washing my delivery truck walked inside to grab something somebody walked into my building while I was in another room and grab the bicycle and ran out of the building it took real cojones to do that because if I would’ve caught him he would’ve been 6 feet under
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Rockhopper - Specialized

Date Stolen: 10/24/2020
Stolen from: Scottsdale, AZ

Brandon's bike - Zycle Fix

Date Stolen: 10/7/2020
Stolen from: Tempe, AZ
Bike was stolen between 9pm Wednesday Oct 7th 2020 and and 7:30am Thursday Oct 8th 2020. Bike was seen still locked to the rack underneath stairwell at 9 pm on Wednesday. By the morning around 7;30 am bike was gone and the One Guard Chain lock coated in plastic held with One Guard ULock was cut but left at the scene.
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Schwinn girl's LB69840 - Schwinn

Date Stolen: 9/22/2020
Stolen from: Boulder, CO
Locked with titanium cable bought from Target 9/21/20. Stolen overnight outside Trident coffee shop. Owner is [email protected] . Serial no. is LB69840

Marius Nicolae Sandor's Racing Bike - B'TWIN

Date Stolen: 8/21/2020
Stolen from: BOLOGNA ITALY, YT

Black Cat - Novara

Date Stolen: 7/29/2020
Stolen from: Seattle, WA
Bike thief gained entry to an underground garage and must have had time to cut through titanium lock.

kink kitty - kink

Date Stolen: 7/19/2020
Stolen from: phoenix, AZ
robbed at gun point by two adolescents

Green Black Night Hawk Bicycles - Huffy

Date Stolen: 7/14/2020
Stolen from: Independence, MO
A Guy Stolen My Green And Black Night Hawk Bicycles And He Had A Black Nike Hat On And Black Baggy Shorts On And At Had A light On Front Of At And A Cellphone Holder On At

Kristin’s Haro - Haro

Date Stolen: 7/13/2020
Stolen from: SCOTTSDALE, AZ
My bike was stored in the Carter bike cage room on the 3rd floor of our apartment's above ground secure parking garage. I pass the "secure" bike room when I come and go from my car, checking to see that my bike is there, and last confirmed it was there on Sunday, 7/12. I noticed today, 7/15/20 at 6pm when leaving, it was missing. Photo of room attached but I have additional, couldn't attach more than one. The thief had to cut the bolts and destroy the property of the bike rack itself in order to steal the bike. I had TWO locks on my bike: a U lock locking the front wheel to the bike rack, a kryptonite 8mm Chain bike lock connecting the front wheel, bike frame, and bike rack.
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Quinn's Cannondale Bike - Cannondale

Date Stolen: 6/1/2020
Stolen from: Seattle, WA
Bike was stolen out of secure bike room in apartment building.
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