What is BikeGuard - The Free Bike Registry?

Every 7 seconds, a bicycle is stolen in the U.S.

Thousands of bicycles are recovered by law enforcement each year, but due to a lack of identification, few are returned.

BikeGuard: The Free Bike Registry is a service hosted by MyAssetTag, and our parent company, SmartSign, to identify your bike in case of loss or theft. We catalog bicycles and their owners through asset tags stamped with your individual ID number. And we offer asset tags and registration to bike owners across North America for free.

Why we do it:

The cyclists here at our Brooklyn office know what it's like to lose a bike, and wonder what happened to it as it languishes in the storeroom of a police station because it lacks proper identification. We’re here to help.

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 How do I apply my tags?

1. Register and order tags for free

Register And Order Tags For Free

2. Apply tags when they arrive

Apply Tags When They Arrive

3. Let the tags cure for two days

Tags Cure For Two Days

4. Ride on!

Ride On
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Where should I place my tags?

Put your BikeGuard tags in any of these locations to make sure you can scan the QR code with your phone.

  1. On the crossbar, facing up
  2. On the down tube, close to the front or pedals
  3. Underneath the seat, on the seat tube
  4. On the rear fender

Make sure to register your bike with the unique number so that someone who finds it can message you if it's ever lost or stolen.

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