Things To Do Should Your Bike Go Missing: Your Essential Checklist
  1. List your bike as stolen on BikeGuard to activate the BikeGuard network.
  2. File a police report using the serial number on file at BikeGuard. The asset tags from BikeGuard, courtesy of MyAssetTag, have a feature that lets any camera phone snap a picture of the ID and immediately read the number, tracing the bike through various police systems.
  3. Contact your insurance company.
  4. Share your BikeGuard stolen bike page on Facebook, Twitter, and all over the web.
  5. Print your BikeGuard stolen bike page and post it as a flyer around your town.
Bikeguard image
Bikeguard image
  1. Record your bike's serial number. Keep that number safe.
  2. Register your bike with BikeGuard. Find out why.
  3. Request asset tags through BikeGuard with a second unique identifying number.
  4. Apply the free tags to your bike.
  5. Your bike is covered under renter's or homeowner's insurance -- so make sure you're insured.
  6. Buy a bike lock and chain to serve as theft deterrents.
  7. Remember to be safe! Wear a helmet, ride in the direction of traffic, follow all traffic rules, and (most importantly) enjoy the open road.
Bikeguard image
Bikeguard image
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