Help, I deleted my files! Lost something? Don't panic! help is at hand. WHERE WERE your files STORED? cloudstorage computer/laptop portablestorage mobiledevice which one? Dropbox AmazonCloud Drive GoogleDrive SkyDrive recoverdropboxfiles recoverdeletedfiles restorefiles restoredeleted files did it work? Yes! No! what happened? hard drivegot wiped files got deleted files justvanished! recoveryour data Any luck? Yes! No! on which system? Mac OS Windows checkthe trash check therecycle bin Got them? Yes! No! Got them? Yes! No! accesstime machine restorefolders did that help? Yes! No! did that help? Yes! No! try thesetools use recovery software Any luck? Yes! No! Any luck? Yes! No! try datarecoverytools did it work? Yes! No! what kind? iOS Android Windows restoreyour data recoverdeletedfiles RESTORefrom a BACKUP did it work? Yes! No! Awesome! a little tip though... Sorry we couldn'thelp this time Back up to an external drive or the cloud , you can use software or automate the whole process Make the most of your dropbox , amazon cloud drive , google drive or sky drive easily back up your ios , android , AND windows DEVICES PLEASE SHARE THIS GUIDE
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