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Quick Price Lookup

Premium Custom Asset Tags

Metal asset tags

AlumiGuard® World's top-selling asset tag brand

• Our bestselling tags, field-proven for over 30 years.

• Anodized aluminum with embedded print makes them durable and guaranteed to last.

• A high-bond adhesive fuses permanently to most surfaces.

• Upload your logo and we'll convert it to your tag for free.

• Guaranteed best pricing online.

Full color anodized aluminum asset tags


• Full-color metal tags. Embedded print.

PiloGuard - Annelead Aluminum Asset Tags


• Durable aluminum for curves. Embedded.

Plastic asset labels


• Premium plastic asset labels. Subsurface.

Affordable asset labels


• Lowest cost asset labels. Not laminated.

Popular Custom Asset Tags

  • Affordable aluminum foil labels.
  • Self-destructing, tamperproof tags.
  • Split labels for record-keeping.
  • Super efficient barcodes. SmartPhone ready.

Economy Barcode Labels

Order factory-made Custom Barcode Labels. Or click here to see our full range of Preprinted Barcode Label materials.
  • Order as few as 50 labels.
  • Laminated. You pick numbers.
  • Design and print your own!
  • Destructible labels break apart.

Other Products

  • Labels become frangible or leave hidden patterns upon tampering.
  • Secure everything from retail goods to military equipment!
  • Professional designs – easy to personalize
  • Heavy duty equipment name plates. Any color.
  • Extra-large sequential digits on ultra-tough tags.
  • Serialized labels are in stock. Many designs.
  • Metal registration tags that outlast the bike.
  • Print your own date labels. Or factory made.
  • Custom consecutive number labels. Handy dispenser.
  • Lowest prices online. Prenumbered.
  • Available with standard, tamper-proof or even removable adhesive.
  • Your logo or message will repeat every 9”.

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