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American Bicycle Commuters
How Many People Cycle to Work in Your State?
We here at BikeGuard: the Free Bike Registry have put together an interactive visual on some helpful (and neon) information on commuter cycling by state. Maybe you want to see how your state matches up against others. Maybe you're more interested in the type of person who cycles. Or maybe you're a cyclist looking for resources in your area. Either way, dive in, explore, and we'll see you on the road.
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About The Research:
We've taken a look at all sorts of things demographic. For each state, you can see
Our numbers and graphs are developed from the U.S. Department of Commerce's 2010 American Community Survey.
Male Cyclists and Biker Chicks: How Cycling Behaviors Enforce Stereotypes
The bicycle has "done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world," Susan B. Anthony famously said. 116 years later, 74% of commuter cyclists are male. In no state do women bike to work more than their male counterparts. Idaho, with its most impressive ratio, has men and women biking to work in equal numbers. Do men work more? Do men cycle more? Are men in Mississippi particularly industrious, clocking in at 91% of the state's commuter cyclists? And why does Mississippi have the lowest amount of cyclists relative to its population?
Your Morning Commute: The Suited Biker
Thought bikes are confined to flannel wearing, yoga-doing artists? Commuter cycling is on the rise. All over the country, people are embracing health and mobility – in a suit, on a bike, on a Monday morning. Here's a visual to encourage professionals everywhere to get a little more used to the idea of cycling, and a little note: it looks like politicians bike the most, with the highest ratio of consumer cyclists in our venerable capital, Washington DC.
On Staying Thin for the Elections: Is Your State Healthier?
Not all states are made equal – and not all states fund cycling equally. Alaska takes $18.79 per person toward cycling, but it's sun-drenched California and Florida that lead the pack in sheer numbers of commuter cyclists, with a hard-bitten New York not far behind. (We like to think it's because BikeGuard is based in Brooklyn, but who knows.) Meanwhile, Arkansas and Mississippi are at less than .1% when it comes to biking to work. And DC, its own oasis of politicians and monuments, has the highest number of commuter cyclists relative to its working population, at 3.13%.
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