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Custom Asset Tag and Label Materials
AlumiGuard® Metal Asset Tags "World's Best Asset Tag!" EconoGuard™ Asset Labels - Vinyl, Destructible or Metallized Mylar SunGuard™ Metal Asset Tags
Best Price Aluminium Asset Tags Economy Affordable Asset Labels SunGuard Highly Durable Metal Asset Tags

• Asset tags that outlast your equipment. Outsells all others. Print is embedded within aluminum. Proven for 30 years.

• Guaranteed best prices online. Save over 30% versus nearest competitor! 1,000 custom labels for under $150.

• Upload and reproduce your own full color logo. Metal tags outlast plastic.

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Tamper Evident Asset Tags - Destructible FoilGuard™ Asset Labels - Thin Aluminum PlioGuard - Annealed Aluminum for Curves PermaGuard - Laminated Plastic
Tamper-Evident Asset Labels FoilGuard Aluminum Foil Asset Labels PlioGuard - Annealed Aluminum Asset Tags PermaGuard Chemical Resistant Asset Labels

• Asset labels self-destruct upon attempted removal. Tamperproof and secure!

• Durable aluminum labels are affordable.

• Digitally printed.

• Annealed aluminum tags are conformable and outlast plastic.

• Graphics are protected from abrasion & chemicals. Matte or gloss.

Multipart Asset Labels Equipment Name Plates Asset Tags for Bikes Print Your Own Asset or Barcode Labels
4-in-1 Multi-Part Asset Labels Metal Equipment Name Plates BikeGuardâ„¢ Asset Tags - Help Trace Bikes Print Your Own Asset Tags - For Free

• Place one label on your asset, and use duplicate labels for your records.

• Design aluminum nameplates online or upload your own sketch.

• Aluminum BikeGuard™ tags are used by 100s of colleges to register bikes.

• Design online and print yourself. Compatible with blank label stationery.

In-Stock Asset Labels and Asset Tags
Metal 'Property of' Asset Tags Metal Asset Tags with Consecutive Numbers Indentable Foil 'Property of' Labels SecuriGuard™ Asset Labels
Metal 'Property of' Asset Tags Metal Asset Tags with Consecutive Numbers Indentable Foil 'Property of' Labels SecuriGuard Asset Labels

• AlumiGuard® asset tags outlast your equipment.

• Serialized numbers and barcodes for tracking

• Extra large sequential digits are spotted easily.

• Metal AlumiGuard® asset labels are tough.

• Your writing is debossed into the aluminum.

• All colors. Choose your staring number.

• Asset labels self-destruct upon attempted removal.

• Choose your starting number and color.

Number / Barcode Roll Write On Property Tag Warranty Seals Inventory Hanging Tags
Consecutive Numbers or Barcodes in a Roll 'Property of' Write-In Labels Warranty Seals Inventory Hanging Asset Tags

• Economical labels just 8¢ each! You select starting number.

• Laminated for durability.

• Write in your own asset number or description.

• Vinyl or self-laminating label materials.

• Enforce warranties with secure labels.

• Easy to customize - just add your name!

• Prenumbered from 1 to 15,000.

• Lowest price online. Tear-off and multi-part designs.

Preprinted Barcode Labels
Order factory-made Custom Barcode Labels. Click here to see our full range of Preprinted Barcode Label materials.
Metal Barcode Labels Low Cost Barcode Labels Tamperproof Barcodes
Metal Barcode Labels Low Cost Barcode Labels Tamperproof Barcodes

• Barcode and graphics are embedded within durable aluminum. Barcodes withstand heat, abrasion and weather.

• Label adhesive fuses to application surface.

• Order as few as 50 custom labels. Get durable plastic labels for the price of paper.

• 8¢ each! Vinyl with an aggressive adhesive.

• Die-cut shapes - not square corners.

• Labels break into pieces upon attempted removal.

• Tamperproof 'Void' labels are also available.

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