Top 10 Tips on Asset Tags / Property ID Tags

Proper Size for Your Asset Tag

Choose Proper Size for Your Asset Tag
We offer three sizes of asset tags. The smallest size of asset tag is most popular in that it is easy to find a suitable spot to apply the label. The next size, only slightly wider, is used for organizations that might want to add their logo or for organizations that have a longer name or address. The largest size of asset tag is used for furniture and larger equipment. In general, though, a larger tag is more legible and offers a greater surface area for better, long-term adhesion.
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Put an Asset Label on Your Cell Phone or PDA

There is no doubt about it! Cell phones get lost. They are getting smaller and smaller and easier to leave behind. Some are stolen. Most are just left behind, forgotten under the rental car seat, lost in a airport metal detector tray or just placed in an old jacket and forgotten.

Using an Asset Tag has been proven to be successful. Phones get returned and your life gets back to normal.

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