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Quickly compare the industry’s top selling asset tag materials. With so many choices, it is easy to get overwhelmed. In most cases, however, customers prefer our matte AlumiGuard®, our toughest and most popular tag material. For a full comparison of our materials, see our larger Comparison Table.
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  • Learn why asset tag professionals specify anodized aluminum tags. No tag is tougher. See torture tests.
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  • See if our lowest cost aluminum labels are suitable for your business. Learn about FoilGuard's conformability, aggressive adhesive and printing.
Material Anodized aluminum. Subsurface print on plastic. Metallic look option. Annealed aluminum foil. Conformable. Digital print on UL approved vinyl. Shows VOID upon removal. Polyester.
Printing Graphics, barcodes and numbers sealed into anodic layer of aluminum. Graphics protected against abrasion / solvents. Digital print on surface. Not laminated. But smooth surface easy to wipe down. Laminated print. Easy to clean. Chemical resistant.
Adhesives 3M adhesive choices: 3M 467MP, 468MP, 9671LE or 9672LE. Multi-purpose. Aggressive. 3M 320 adhesive. Multi-purpose. Aggressive. Multi-purpose.
Insider′s Rating Most popular metal asset tag. Most popular plastic asset label. Lowest cost metal asset tag. Lowest cost plastic asset label. Most popular anti-theft.
For use on computers and electronic equipment
For full range of plastic and metal equipment
Chemical, heat and abrasion resistance
Free barcodes / sequential numbering
Four color printing of logos (SunGuard)
Durable long term outside
Anti-Theft / Tamper-Evident (with SecuriCuts)
Conformable (PlioGuard)
Costs ¢
Example Alumiguard Compare AlumiGuard® Permaguard ComparePermaGuard® Foilguard CompareFoilGuard® Econoguard CompareEconoGuard Stealguard CompareStealGuard
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