Tamper Proof Security Labels with Barcodes

  • Tamperproof Security Labels with Barcodes
Use tamper proof security barcode labels on vulnerable or sensitive equipment and inventory. You can tell if they've been tampered with or if someone has “appropriated” your asset.
  • • On removal, some leave a checkerboard or a VOID pattern, or try destructible vinyl labels that break apart, leaving evidence behind.
  • • Destructible, voiding, and checkerboard void materials are available in plastic and in a variety of colors or designs.
  • • For extra durability, use our anodized tamper proof AlumiGuard® with SecuriCuts
  • • Die-cut shapes and custom designs are unique and hard to copy.
Print Tamperproof Barcode Labels
Design your own labels, download a PDF, and print them at home. Try our pre-cut sheets of blank labels.
Step 1: Select a Shape
  • Select a shape for your barcode labels. In the next steps, you can choose a size, personalize text, and select a material.
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    Rectangular Designs
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    Square Designs
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    Circular Designs
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    Oval Designs
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    Special Shapes
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