Tamper Evident Labels

Designed to show visible signs of tampering, our best-in-class Tamper Evident Labels help keep your products unaltered and uncontaminated from the point of manufacture to the point of sale. Ideal for pharmaceutical, food and beverages, electronics, software, and cosmetics industries, these specialized labels or seals have frangible elements, hidden patterns, or messages that become visible or change when tampering is attempted. Potential intruders are less likely to attempt tampering if they know that any tampering will be evident.
  • • Find the most versatile collection of tamper-evident labels, including Void labels, Breakable Seals, Destructible Labels, and more. Each type has its unique way of indicating tampering.
  • • Prevent counterfeiting and ensure product safety. Our Tamper Proof Labels can be customized with specific designs, logos, and security features to meet the unique needs of a product or brand.