Asset ID Tags (81474)

Bold colors make it easy to spot these Asset ID tags. Durable materials mean that these tags outlast your equipment. And, best-of-web pricing translate into 50% savings for your project.
  • • Start by clicking on any of the designs below. You can then add your company’s name and choose a numbering scheme.
  • • Color schemes and the modular title can easily be changed. Color code by year or asset type.
  • • Our three most popular mateirals are anodized AlumiGuard, Chrome PermaGuard and our budge-friendly EconoGuard.
Torture Tests for Asset ID Tags
Tags pass 24 hours in concentrated acids. Watch tags undergoing tests for abrasion, heat and chemicals.

Standard Sized Asset Identification Tags (0.75” x 1.5”) (81475)

Extended Length Asset Identification Tags (0.75” x 2.0”) (81476)

Asset ID Tags - In Stock (81516)

Asset ID - Prenumbered Labels (Pack of 100)
Asset ID. - Choose Starting Number (Pack Of 100)
Asset ID - Prenumbered Labels (Pack of 1000)
Asset ID. - Choose Starting Number (Pack Of 1000)

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Dec 28, 2016

Size: 0.75" x 1" Material Type: Laminated White Vinyl Labels   Verified Purchase

it is what it says it is

met my needs for the current project