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The Basics

Know more about our huge range of material options for Asset Tags.
Asset labels are either made of plastic or metal – with plastic labels as the more affordable choice. View this video and the photo gallery below to see examples of different label types in the field. The choices can quickly become overwhelming. But, for most users, our AlumiGuard or our PermaGuard asset labels are excellent choices.
Insider's tips on how to apply labels. Make sure that your asset tags stay stuck for the life of your asset.

Learn About Materials

See our bestselling metal material and an industry leader in quality.
No need to get your fingers dirty. These inventory tags require no carbon layer.
Versatile and tough material for labels, with excellent printing clarity.
An inexpensive way to get the appearance of metal in an all-plastic label.
These simple labels are durable and easy to install.
The adhesive is double the thickness of a standard label, for a strong stick on almost any surface.
Learn about budget-friendly material options.
What thickness is best? Why choose anodized 20 mil or 32 mil? What are the advantages of debossable foil?
PermaGuard Chrome Labels are made from eight mil thick polyester. The subsurface printing is bright and clear, with the option of printing in full color.
PermaGuard Asset Tags offer superior resistance to chemical abuse, abrasions, and weather.
With our best adhesive, and a softly textured surface, these labels look great and last for years and years.
With our best adhesive and a beautiful, shiny, textured surface, these labels look great and last for years and years.
Flexible aluminum, with aggressive adhesive and bright embedded text and graphics.
Tamperproof and conformable, these aluminum tags prevent miscreants from transfering it from one asset to another.
Let's take a closer look at barcode labels with removable adhesive.
Sunguard is the best material for complex designs, and this tag will stick great in all sorts of places.
This tag has everything: beautiful designs, extra security and pliable stick.
A little added security to go along with your beautifully designed tag.
Stop misappropriation of assets! VOIDing or destuctible asset tags secure your assets and make sure that another department or, even, a vandal tampers with you labelling system. Video shows tamperproof labels in action. Compare three common materials.
Tags pass 24 hours in concentrated acids. Watch tags undergoing tests for abrasion, heat and chemicals.
VoidAlert Checkerboard labels stick well to metals and most plastics. They are available in full color, great for a logo, and resistant to water and dirt.
Metal asset tags have been the material of choice of IT professionals for over 40 years. Let us show you some of the common variations – so that you can make a decision on the best metal tag material for your business or school. Variations include adhesive types, tamperproof security cuts, numbering and barcode options. See this video and photo gallery below to see metal asset tags in action and being tested under extreme conditions.
Learn why asset tag professionals specify anodized aluminum tags. No tag is tougher. See torture tests.
Aluminum PiloGuard Tags are annealed for Conformability and flexibility. Tags are anodized for superior durability, too. Learn when to use PlioGuard and about the advantages of this material.
See how SecuriCuts work. These tags thwart vandals or someone from "re-accessioning" an asset.
Watch BikeGuard tags in action. Find out how they are installed and why BikeGuard tags are so durable.
Learn about our affordable vinyl asset labels. These low cost labels still offer excellent durability, adhesive strength and high resolution printing.
See if our lowest cost aluminum labels are suitable for your business. Learn about FoilGuard's conformability, aggressive adhesive and printing.
AlumiGuard vs FoilGuard? Which is best for you? Watch how the tags survive three torture tests.
1-in-10 laptops are stolen within their lifetime. Allegedly, 10% are stolen in the first year. But, it’s not just the aggravation of losing a value asset but the enormous potential cost of a data breach. Not only will you have a greater chance of someone returning your laptop, but thieves, themselves, are wary of stealing a laptop that can be traced. Learn, from insiders, how to best protect your valuable IT assets.
When should you use sets of asset labels? Learn why more and more IT departments insist on repeater labels. Make tracking faster. Use for related components.
See why PermaGuard is our most durable plastic asset tag.
PermaGuard<sup>&reg;</sup> or EconoGuard? Watch the video to see, which one is best for you.
Learn more about how the StealGuard Asset Tags work for your application.
See these tamperproof labels in action. Asset label breaks into tiny pieces if you try to remove it.
Learn more about these Property ID tags and why they are so durable.
See these durable tags in action. Find out why anodized metal tags are so resistant to chemicals, weather and abrasion.
Print your logo and design in full color. Learn how these anodizing protects the graphics.

Asset Tag University

Quick Response (QR) Codes allow anyone with a smartphone to quickly scan the code and get more information.
Clean surfaces mean better adhesion.
Learn how to design effective and professional asset tag. When to use color? Why logos are popular. When to use a barcode?
Learn how to design effective and professional asset tag. When to use color? Why logos are popular. When to use a barcode?
In depth look at different asset tag materials and adhesives. Learn how and where professionals install their asset tags.
2D barcodes tags much more accurate than 1D. Know all other advantages of 2D barcode labels right here in this video.
Learn how your community or college can register and track bicycles. Help find lost bikes.

Using our Design Wizard

Design your label, download the PDF, and print them on your own computer.
Use our templates for free, and you'll have custom barcode labels in minutes.
Quick overview of AlumiGuard features and then watch a quick walkthrough of our design wizard.
Using the easy to use wizard, you can quickly create and customize asset tags to fit your needs. Many asset tag and material colors are available. Barcoding, numbering and custom sizes are also available. Explore yourself in this video!
Learn how to use our site to create working QR codes.
All the option you need to order the perfect asset tag for your needs.

From the Factory and Our R&D Team

Know all about the superior strength adhesive used for our FoilGuard Asset Tags.
What are the differences between an EconoGuard, a FoilGuard, and a Tamper-Resistant tag? Hear our expert explain.
What are liquid laminates and how are they better than traditional plastic laminates? Find out in this quick video.
Learn how voiding material helps identify tampered labels.