In-Stock Asset Tags and Barcode Labels

Stock barcode labels and asset tags ship fast. Find a huge range of stock designs that can be used by budget conscious organizations to label and track assets. Explore our most popular stock designs below.
  • • Premium metal anodized tags outlast your equipment.
  • • Rolls of sequential numbers are available in PermaGuard® laminated plastic, SecuriGuard™ destructible vinyl and StealGuard™ voiding polyester.
  • • Design your own barcode labels online and print them at home. Use our blank printable sheets to make them yourself.
AlumiGuard<sup>&reg;</sup> Property Tags
Tough aluminum tags have serialized numbers and barcodes. Ships fast.
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Simple, easy to read asset labels for your valuable equipment.

In-Stock Asset Tags

  • Tough anodized tags. Sequential numbers.
  • Find numbers from 1 to 100 and letters from A to Z along with two - symbols in the kit.
  • Write-on metal or self-laminating plastic.
  • Durable plastic labels. Design and print for free.
  • Paper labels with consecutive numbers.
  • Lowest cost online. Multipart tags.

In Stock Tags - 0.75" x 1" Prenumbered

Our in-stock tags are affordable and ship fast! Below you'll find some of our best sellers. For more designs, check out our Pre-numbered Asset Labels.
Pack of 100 labels
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Pack of 1,000 labels
Pack of 100 labels
Pack of 100 labels
Pack of 100 labels
Pack of 100 labels

In Stock Prenumbered Asset Tags and Barcode Labels

Consecutive Pre-Numbered Barcode Labels
0.25" x 1" (h x w)
Pre-Numbered Sequential Barcode Labels
0.5" x 1" (h x w)
Consecutive Pre-Numbered Barcode Labels
0.75" x 1.5" (h x w)
Sequential Pre-Numbered 2D Barcode Labels
0.75" x 0.75" (h x w)
Asset Tag Numbering - Choose Starting Number
0.75" x 1.5" (h x w)

Barcode Labels - on a Roll

Each roll features 1000 labels with consecutive numbering and barcodes. You can order a number sequence starting at 0001, 1001, 2001, and so on.