Part# L147-AL
Size 0.75" x 1.5" (H x W)
Color Silver
Package 100 Labels/Pack
Material Matte AlumiGuard® Metal Asset Tag [SS-LC]
Printing Anodized Printing What is this?
Contents 100 labels.

Consecutive Numbered Labels - Pre-Numbered 

Metal Labels with Sequential Numbers

Package : 100 Labels/Pack • Price per Pack
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Pack
1 3 5
$73.45 $62.95 $60.95
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  • Simple, easy to read asset labels for your valuable equipment.
Product Description
Metal tags outlast plastic.

• Each label has a unique number, arranged sequentially – if you choose the “Sequential” option. Each label will have the SAME number if you choose “Repeat Series”. Contact sales team if you want a particular repeated number.

• Aggressive 3M 467 adhesive sticks to mose surfaces.

• To apply, just peel off the label from the liner and apply to any clean surface.

Material Features
Material: Matte AlumiGuard® Metal Asset Tag [SS-LC]

• AlumiGuard tags offer a high resolution, photographic quality print to beautifully reproduce your design or logo. Aluminum background has a brushed finish.

• Colors, graphics and barcode serial numbers are sealed into the diamond hard anodic layer of the aluminum.

• Metal asset tags are incredibly durable. The adhesives bond permanently to most every surface, including both plastics and metal assets. You can choose from a variety of 3M adhesives. Allow 24-48 hours to let the adhesive cure to the surface before attempting to tamper or remove the label.

• Tags have a matte surface that cuts down on glare and enhances fast barcode scan rates.

• Serialized numbered tags feature bold anodized numbers. Indented / stamped numbering is available at no extra cost. Click here to compare numbering methods.

• Very high density or very small 1D barcodes may not read well when scanned with certain low-powered or low-cost consumer barcode readers. Please test the barcodes with your reader first.

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