Inventory Hanging Tags

We've designed millions of inventory tags and labels that stand up to the rigors of the field, from rugged vinyl designs to bold, easy-to-recognize messages. Tags have reinforced eyelets and a resilient, writable surface.

• Order a pre-formatted tag, or let us design a Custom Inventory Tag with our design wizard.

• Our multi-part tags make record-keeping a snap - just tear off the matching stub and store it for your office records.

• We offer some of our best -selling inventory tags below. Check out our full selection.

Single and Multipart Inventory Tags

 Manila Inventory Tags

As low as 3¢ per tag!

• Best price online.

• Serial numbers make it easy to track inventory.

• Three different colors are available.

• Easy to color code by room, inventory type, and more.

 Multi-Part Inventory Tags

as low as $29.95/pack of 500 tags

• 2-part and 3-part carbonless tags.

• Sequentially Numbered.

 Blank Carbonless and Plastic Inventory Tags

• As low as $36.65/pack of 500 tags.

• 3-part carbonless blank tags. Two paper copies for the office.

• Tags and perforated sheets are sequentially numbered.

 Build-a-Tag™ - Inventory Tags

As low as $69.95/pack of 500 tags!

• 2-part and 3-part carbonless tags. Sequentially Numbered.

• Choose tags with no attachment, strings or adhesive strip at back.

Other Inventory Tags and Materials

These tags come in convenient packs of 100 or 500 tags. Strings or wires can be ordered separately, in bundles.
 One-Part Inventory Tags
• Available in 4 colors.
• Numbers on tear-off stub and tag.
 Other Multi-Part Designs
• Find other inventory count tags.
• Order with wires or strings.
 Weatherproof Inventory Tags

• Made of plastic Tyvek.

• Weather and Puncture-proof.

 Metal Inventory Tags
• Permanent bond to assets.
• Sequential bar-codes, numbers.

Inventory and Production Control Tags (small packs)

 Combo Inventory Tag/ Label Designs

• Tag has an adhesive backing strip.

• Hang or stick this tag onto your counted inventory.

 Receiving Tags

• 2-part carbonless tag.

• Adhesive strip on back.

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