EconoGuard™ Affordable Asset Labels

On a budget? Get a great, inexpensive label to mark all your favorite assets.

• Find either full, vibrant, edge-to-edge color or simple black on white designs. All labels feature Die-cut, rounded corners to prevent wear and tear.

• Professional materials include VoidAlert™, SafeSeal™ destructible vinyl , LusterGuard™ metallized polyester, and EconoGuard™ vinyl with a strong adhesive.

• Print professional labels at home with laser and inkjet printable blank sheets.

  • Bright colors and sharp printing make these plastic asset tags a bargain.
EconoGuard™ Economy Asset Labels
Step 1: Select a Size
Select a size for your label. You will be able to select a design, change color, personalize text and specify your numbering on the next page.
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0.75" x 1.5" 0.75" x 1" 0.5" x 1.75"
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0.75" x 2" 0.5" x 1.0" 0.75" x 1.875"
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1" x 2"
Step 2: Select Numbering / Bar Code
Do you want Barcodes (most common) or Just Numbers or No Numbering. We recommend Barcodes. Why? You can always decide later.