FoilGuard™ Metal Asset Labels

FoilGuard™ Metal Asset Label
Aluminum foil labels have never been more affordable! FoilGuard™ asset labels are just 45¢ each (for an order of 500 asset labels).

• FoilGuard is an economical alternative to our premium AlumiGuard line. FoilGuard labels are made from aluminum – they are not a mere “aluminum” coating applied to a lower cost plastic. Based on a 2 mils thick annealed aluminum with a premium 1.2 mil 3M 320 adhesive, FoilGuard labels stick well to both smooth metal and many flat plastic surfaces. To ensure that your asset labels bond and work correctly on the applied surface, it is highly recommended that the application surface be clean and non-textured. Labels can be applied to slightly curved surfaces – but are not recommended for handles or radius applications.

• You can easily upload your own logo and have your custom design printed in multiple colors. FoilGuard asset labels are digitally printed on sheets by an industrial laser printer. Note, however, that you may find some slight discoloration along the edges of label designs that use larger areas of solid color that bleed to the edge.

• If you’re looking for the highest quality aluminum asset labels, true color fidelity,
selectable adhesives for different surfaces types and embedded text with the finest print
quality, refer to our AlumiGuard™ asset tags. Field-tested for 30+ years, our
flagship AlumiGuard offers the highest level of customer satisfaction!

• Please ask for our free sample kit - so that you can compare the different asset label types.

• To order FoilGuard labels, start below by selecting the shape and then size.

Step 1: Select a Size
Select a size for your label. You will be able to select a design, change color, personalize text and specify your numbering on the next page.
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0.75" x 1.5" 0.75" x 2" 1" x 2"
Step 2: Select Numbering / Bar Code
Do you want Barcodes (most common) or Just Numbers or No Numbering. We recommend Barcodes. Why? You can always decide later.
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FoilGuard™ Aluminum Asset Labels FoilGuard™ Aluminum Asset Labels (Numbered) FoilGuard™ Aluminum Asset Labels (Text Only)
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Barcode Metal Asset Tags Numbered Metal Asset Tags Metal Tags - Not Numbered
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Asset Tags with Barcode Asset Tags with Numbering Asset Tags with No Numbering
All asset tags can be printed in a variety of colors.
You will be able to choose print color on next page.
Economy Labels can be printed in many different colors that can be selected on next page.
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