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Best Price Guaranteed
Best Price Guaranteed
When quality is high and prices are low, you get the best value on the Web. Simply put - we have spent years developing, manufacturing and selling the best asset tags at the lowest price possible. Check the competition for yourself. For a truly economical selection, take a look at our EconoGuard™ labels, featuring a durable design and a resilient surface. Your price is the lowest - guaranteed.

Unlike our competitors, we offer fast and free shipping for all of your asset tags. Shave that off of the cost of your sign purchase, and you have an even greater value! If you compare prices, our AlumiGuard™ asset tags boast the Web's best price for a metal asset tag. Even if you spend $ .70 on a tag, your installation costs, including labor, can be exceptionally high. It only makes sense to use the most durable, lasting asset tags first, to save costly replacements later. The cost of reapplication is too high. Save time and save money with the best asset tags made today.

Durable Aluminum Tags
Rugged and rust-proof aluminum tags are designed for your busy environment - with a sturdy asset tag system, you can resist wear and tear and benefit from a longer-lasting tag. From our dead-soft aluminum tags to our innovative signature designs, these tags have been the favorite of IT professionals for years. Simply put: aluminum tags last longer.

Our tags aren't just plastic asset tags that look like metal - we bring you real metal tags that resist corrosion and wear. PlioGuard™, our premier annealed aluminum asset tag, is ideal for rounded surfaces. With our unique metal designs, your message can last longer on equipment that faces difficult environments and uses. And with a high-bonding adhesive backing, every asset label can bond to even the most unusual surfaces.

Dead-soft aluminum tags let you write on and permanently indent the surface of your tag, so the message you write never goes away. Great for identifying equipment in harsh environments, these tags make the most of your message.

Most Flexible Asset Labels
Fixed asset tags, inventory tags, asset labels and more: we are the most flexible, one-stop source for marking, recording and managing your assets. Labels and tags are vital to marking your stuff, so why would you choose a cookie-cutter design? Not only do we have popular messages with custom options, but our Custom Design Wizard lets you take a template and change its color, material, size, wording and numbering. You can choose barcodes, numbers or both. This is how we bring you the ultimate in versatility when you choose the perfect asset tag for every job.

At MyAssetTag, we're flexible in more ways than one. When you're working around moving parts and machinery, you need a tag with some give to it. That's why we make tags that can fit even in the most unusual spaces. Also, their smooth, rounded corners will resist wear and tear. We also have the most flexible, knowledgeable customer service team you'll find. If you have any questions about our asset tags, from their construction to shipping, we're here to help.

Biggest Selection of Materials
If you're looking for a particular size, material or custom design, we've got the tools to build 'em. Our asset tags are more legible, our graphics and symbols are clearer, and every detail of our design has been improved upon for maximum visibility, resilience, and value. We offer popular sizes, both large and small, with more material options than the competition. For a truly comprehensive selection, you've come to the right place. We offer:
AlumiGuard™ Anodized Photo Aluminum
BikeGuard™ Anodized Aluminum
PlioGuard™ Annealed Anodized Aluminum
SunGuard™ Full-Color Aluminum
PermaGuard™ Laminated Polyester
SecuriGuard™ Destructible Plastic
StealGuard™ Self-Voiding Polyester
EconoGuard™ Economical Vinyl
Blank Laser Printable Label Sheets In Various Materials

Extra-Tall Numbers and Barcodes at No Extra Charge.
Need a big tag the can help you work more effectively? Get two-dimensional codes! These labels offer maximum visibility for their size. 2-D codes suit your most complex asset tag systems – you can show your asset description, date of purchase, costs, and more – all in a single barcode.

We offer many designs with extra-tall numbers as well. Three-quarter-inch tall numbers can be seen from up to 25 feet away. You'll never have to squint to read the number.

Over 70% of our asset tags now use a barcode. Even if you do not use barcodes now, plan for the future. Our photographically imaged barcodes produce industry-leading, first-time read rates. If you already have a somewhat random series of asset tag numbers, we can accommodate this too. Just upload any numbered sequence in an Excel or other data file and we can easily incorporate these numbers into your asset tag order.

Oil and Grease? No Problem.
Wet, greasy, inside, or out - our asset tags meet the highest standards for longevity and durability. For example, our unique PermaGuard™ labels feature a unique overlaminate that allows you to use it in wet and oily environments. For even tougher design, try our rugged aluminum and debossable aluminum tags.

Surpassing any other tag, these designs feature a high-bonding adhesive and a durable material that won't chip away. Each high-quality printed logo, text and barcode design is designed not to smudge or wear away if it comes into contact with liquids, so you can rest assured that each label is built to last, inside or out.

Custom Designs
We make it easy to customize your tag. Upload your logo, or even a rough design. We'll give it polish and a professional look at no extra charge, printing in high-resolution. Add custom wording, logos, names and warnings in minutes using our custom asset tag designs. Create the perfect asset tag design for your company, right here.

Our new SunGuard™ asset tag materials now allow you to print your logo in full color.

Your custom wording and logos create a truly unique tag that stands out from generic designs - you can even color-code your asset labeling system, to identify and mark your assets faster and more effectively.

Highest Quality Pictures and Logos at No Extra Charge.
There are no 'buts' about it - we produce the most legible, clear, and perfectly aligned text and graphics for a lockout tag that surpasses the competition in quality. All out tags are guaranteed to look great, so they can be seen and understood as quickly as you want them to be.

All Popular Colors
With standard color designs and an array of custom templates to choose from, you can choose the perfect background color to grab attention and stand out in your workspace. From warning stripes to bold, sold colors, we have the right color scheme to express your warning in the most effective way possible.

Color-code your assets by type, by department or by the year of acquisition. Use green asset tags used for the Computer equipment, red asset tags for furniture and blue labels for maintenance items, for example. Use label colors to mark items from the previous year's budget, current budget, and so forth. The opportunities are endless.

While black and red are the most common color for asset tags, our labels are available in a full spectrum of colors. While, red asset labels are the next most popular because of their visibility, we find that black labels work best outdoors.

Rounded Corners and a High-Bond Adhesive.
Die-cut labels with rounded corners outlast low-cost labels with squared corners. Square cornered labels pick off more easily, which is why all of our asset labels are die-cut and feature smooth, rounded corners.

Our asset labels and asset tags also feature high performance adhesives. The adhesive we use on our metal asset tags is so strong that customers even use it for computer “lock-down” applications. The adhesive is used to bond a laptop to an anti-theft cable looped around a desk.

That's right: this adhesive strong enough to be used for security!

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