Custom and Preprinted Barcode Labels

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Custom and Preprinted Barcode Labels (31022)
 Low Cost Barcodes

• Order as few as 50. Durable, die-cut vinyl with an aggressive adhesive for the price of paper.

 Print Your Own Barcodes

• Make sheets for a variety of materials online.

 Tamperproof Barcodes

• Destructible, VOID, in 100s of custom templates.

 Tiny Barcodes

• Great for tight spaces. Use for wiring or lab samples.

 Metal Barcodes

• Embedded barcode and graphics within the aluminum for durability, with a tough, permanent adhesive.

 Asset Barcode Tags

• Mark your assets in all sizes and materials.

 In-Stock Barcodes

• Assorted colors on rolls or sheets. Fast shipping.

 Laminated Barcodes

• Gloss or matte laminate protects against abrasions.

 Warehouse Barcodes

• For racks, shelving, and totes, in all materials.

 Multipart Barcodes

• Use main labels on assets, and mini labels for records.

 Laboratory Barcodes

• Resists chemicals and high temperatures in your lab.

 2D Barcodes

• Design 2D codes online and print, or order in stock.

 Tool Tracking Tags

• Track your tools with a metal or plastic tag.

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