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Custom Barcode Labels and Preprinted Barcode Labels (31022)
 Low Cost Barcode Labels
Low Cost Barcode Labels

• Order as few as 50 custom labels. Get durable plastic labels for the price of paper labels.

• Prices as low as 8¢ each! Vinyl with an aggressive adhesive.

• Die-cut shapes - not square corners.

 Print Your Own Barcode Labels
Print Your Own Barcode Labels

• Generate sheet of barcodes online.

• Vinyl, removable or aluminum labels.

 Tamperproof Barcodes
Tamperproof Barcodes

• Destructible and Voiding materials.

• 100's of templates - easy to customize online.

 Tiny Barcode Labels
Tiny Barcode Labels

• Great for tight fits. Circular labels just 3/8” tall.

• Use for wiring, lab samples and small instruments.

 Metal Barcode Labels
Metal Barcode Labels

• Barcode and graphics are embedded within durable aluminum. Barcodes withstand heat, abrasion and weather.

• Label adhesive fuses to application surface.

 Asset Barcode Tags
Asset Barcode Tags

• Label your assets permanently.

• Web's #1 source. All sizes and materials.

 In-Stock Barcode Labels
In-Stock Bar Code Labels

• Labels ship immediately.

• Hundreds of colors / shapes. Rolls or sheets.

 Laminated Barcode Labels
Laminated Barcode Labels

• Laminate protects print from chemicals, abrasion and weather.

• Choose gloss or matte laminate finish.

 Warehouse Barcode Labels
Barcode Warehouse Labels

• For racks, shelving, and totes.

• All materials - long range scanning reflective, durable metal, Clean-n-Peel removable.

• Print your own, too.

 Multipart Barcode Labels
Multipart Barcode Labels

• Main label on your asset. Mini labels for office records or duplicate marking.

 Laboratory Barcode Labels

• Chemical and temperature resistant.

• Streamline sample tracking.

• Print your own vial labels.

 2D Barcode Labels
2D Barcode Labels

• Design 2D codes on line and either print them yourself or order preprinted barcode labels from the factory.

• Incredibly space-efficient and error-proof, 2D barcode labels are displacing traditional barcodes.

 Tool Tracking Tags
Tool Tracking Tags

• Stop tool loss with durable metal or plastic tags.

• Tags make it easy to track and inventory your tools.

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