Minimize The Risk With Laptop Asset Tags

The use of laptops, notebooks and other similar technology gadgets is on the rise. Have you ever lost your laptop while traveling or simply forgotten it at someone’s place and never got it back again? If not, don’t let it ever happen to you. Now, we have a solution to this problem. Laptop asset tags can be used as identification marks on your laptops and similar items. Incase of any theft or misplacement, the laptop asset tags can help you significantly to retrieve your laptop, and other mobile devices.

Some IT organizations provide laptops to their employees for work. In this scenario, it is even more important that laptop assigned to each employee is marked properly with laptop asset tags containing information about the company name, employee name, code, etc.

Why laptop asset tags?

With increasing use of advanced technology and development of high end softwares, IT organizations need to be very alert and also need to keep a close check on their computer hardware and mobile devices. IT organizations cannot afford to lose their data as well as equipments if they want to progress further and make a mark. Laptop asset tags come to your rescue. These laptop asset tags help you keep a strict vigil on your equipment and help check theft.

Individuals should also use laptop asset tags as a precautionary measure. Apart from using laptop asset tags, you should also make sure that you are careful while carrying laptops with you during travel, etc.

Laptop and computer hardware manufacturers also use a laptop asset tag and computer asset tags containing vital information about the product. Hardware and software service providers use laptop asset tag for enhanced protection for computer equipments including laptops. The barcode laptop asset tags are also used widely.

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Various laptop asset tags available at are made from high quality material. View asset tags at our online asset tags store. We provide Alumi-Guard tags, GoGuard, TheftGuard and Void Guard asset tags. We have metal asset tags that bind permanently as well as plastic asset labels that are best for curved surfaces. You can also use barcode or serial number laptop asset tags. But when you stick the asset tag on the surface you need to let it stay for a while. Not touching the laptop asset tag will make the adhesive stick strongly to the surface of the equipment. Most of the adhesive take about 72 hours or more to get firmly attached to the laptop. Request free sample of laptop asset tags.

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Alumi-Guard Metal Asset Tags
Alumi-Guard metal asset tags use a premium 3M adhesive to permanently bond your tag to your equipment. This adhesive is pre-applied to your tag. Just peel off the liner, press the tag into place and let the adhesive cure for 48 hours. The asset tag becomes virtually impossible to remove (without an instrument).
Quantity Discount:
Take advantage of our quantity discount program. It means more quantity ordered = discounted price.
Quantity Discount: Take advantage of our quantity discount program. It means more quantity ordered = discounted price.

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