Top 10 Tips on Asset Tags / Property ID Tags

Color Code Your Asset Tags, Asset Labels and Property ID

Color Code Your Asset Tags, Asset Labels and Property ID Tags

Color-code your assets by type, by department or, even, by year of acquisition. For example, the asset tags used for the Computer equipment are red, the asset tags for furniture and fixtures are green, the asset tags for maintenance items are blue, etc. In another example, one of our school customers used red asset tags for those items purchased in the previous school budget, yet green asset tags for equipment purchased in the current budget cycle.

Black is the most common color for asset tags. Plus, black asset tags are the most durable outdoors. Red asset labels are the next most popular in that they can be spotted easily against most equipment.

Although the range of typical colors for asset labels are shown in this photo, you may also request a different, custom color. Each order, however, must use the same color. For each new color desired, you must enter a separate order and add it to your cart.
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Asset Tags Come in a Broad Range Of Appealing Colors.

Custom colors are also available.