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Compare our laser printable materials before you order your asset labels. Whether you need your labels to last outdoors, prefer to print your labels with barcodes, or if you want to easily remove them later on, we have what you're looking for.

EconoGuard™ Best Seller

Vinyl with an aggressive adhesive. Sticks to plastic or metal. Conformable material is great for curves.
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Polyester labels with nylon strands. Autoclavable. Sticks permanently, but can be removed cleanly.
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TattleTale™ Vinyl Best Seller

Internal wave cuts make this label tamperproof. Label breaks apart upon removal. Vinyl labels have an aggressive adhesive that sticks to plastic or metal.
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Label shows VOID if you try to remove the label. Label is made from metallized polyester. Labels have a top coat for enhanced imaging.
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Spot labels at night or in the dark, with a flashlight. Also, good for long distance scanning (requires special scanner).
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Attractive brushed aluminum finish. Metallized polyester labels have aggressive adhesive.
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