FoilGuard® Metal Asset Labels

  • Two popular sizes
A durable aluminum tag, without the extra cost. Choose a size, a color, and add your logo.
  • • Aluminum foil labels are surface printed – so these are not as scratch or chemical resistant as our premium asset tag, AlumiGuard
  • • Foil is annealed for conformability.
  • • Upload your logo and we'll digitally print your custom design in multiple colors.
  • • Want to learn more? Ask for a free sample kit to compare materials.
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See if our lowest cost aluminum labels are suitable for your business. Learn about FoilGuard's conformability, aggressive adhesive and printing.
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AlumiGuard vs FoilGuard? Which is best for you? Watch how the tags survive three torture tests.
All asset tags can be printed in a variety of colors.
You will be able to choose print color on next page.
Economy Labels can be printed in many different colors that can be selected on next page.
Step 1: Select a Size
Select a size for your label. You will be able to select a design, change color, personalize text and specify your numbering on the next page.
  • Best Seller
    0.75" x 1.5"
  • Best Seller
    0.75" x 2"
  • 0.5" x 1.25"
  • 0.75" x 1"
  • 1" x 1"
  • 1" x 2"
  • 1.25" x 2.75"
  • 1.5" x 3"
  • 2" x 4"
  • Multipart Asset Tags
Step 2: Select Numbering / Bar Code
Do you want Barcodes (most common) or Just Numbers or No Numbering. We recommend Barcodes. Why? You can always decide later.

Customer Reviews

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Sep 15, 2022

Custom Barcode Tags, 0.625" x 1.75" : Custom Asset Label, 0.625" x 1.75"
Part #: AT-3038R 0.625" x 1.75" FoilGuard® Aluminum Labels   Verified Purchase

What expected

Good quality. Fast delivery
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Aug 08, 2022

Custom Barcode Tags, 0.75" x 1.5" : Custom Asset Label With Barcode,...
Part #: AT-3047R-B 0.75" x 1.5" FoilGuard® Aluminum Labels   Verified Purchase

Great quality security labels, Good price, Fast Turnaround

Very nice quality labels, and turnaround was super fast - just a couple of business days - without a rush. Will definitely recommend them to other colleagues.
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Aug 05, 2022

Custom Barcode Tags, 0.5" x 1.25" : Custom Asset Label, 0.5" x 1.25"
Part #: AT-3036P 0.5" x 1.25" FoilGuard® Aluminum Labels   Verified Purchase

High Quality Tags

Stick to products great, super high quality, easy to apply. Will buy more when I run out of current stock.
Woman User Icon
Aug 03, 2022

Custom Label Templates, 0.25" x 1"... : Custom Label Template, 0.25" x 1"
Part #: LB-3230 0.25" x 1" FoilGuard® Aluminum Labels   Verified Purchase


Exactly what we were looking for and fast service!
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Jul 27, 2022

Custom Asset Tags, 1" x 2" : Custom Asset Label With Barcode,...
Part #: AT-3101P-B 1" x 2" Matte AlumiGuard® Metal Asset Tag (8 mils)   Verified Purchase


Awesome product. Quick shipping. Will do business again