Warranty Labels for Assets

Tags not only serve to deter unauthorized tampering with your equipment, but can help you with your asset tag inventory. Make sure that you can spot a security breach.
  • • Change modular headers WARRANTY VOID IF REMOVED or VOID IF BROKEN, to highlight your security concerns.
  • • Warranty tag designs typically use a tamper-evident or tamperproof label. Numbering adds another security feature.
More Security Barcodes
Find 100’s of templates for destructible and VOID labels

Warranty Assets Tags - 0.75" x 1.50" (Text / Number Designs)


Warranty Assets Tags - 0.75" x 2.0" (Text / Number Designs)

Customizable Warranty Void Asset Tag with Numberi...
Customized Warranty Void Asset Tag with Numbering...
Personalized Warranty Void Asset Tag with Numberi...
Numbered Void If Broken Asset Tag, 0.75 in. x 2 i...
Void If Broken Custom Asset Tag with Numbering, 0...
Void If Broken Personalized Asset Tag with Number...

SecuriGuard™ Destructible Asset Labels – Packs of 1000

Need more numbers? Popular in-stock SecuriGuard™ asset labels are now available with even higher numbers.

Customer Reviews

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Feb 23, 2018

Custom ½" x ¾" Tamper Proof Labels : (YOUR NAME) VOID IF BROKEN
Part #:QC-3551 0.5" x 0.75" Vinyl (with heavy adhesive)   Verified Purchase

Too small

Too small. Didnt think i was ordering somethung ng that small. Thx anyways. Ill move forward with something else
MyAssetTag: We're sorry you were not satisfied with the size you chose. We do offer bigger sizes - https://www.tamperevidentlabels.com/TEL/Tamper-Proof-Butterfly-Seals.aspx. For the inconvenience caused, we can offer you a refund on this order.
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Feb 01, 2018

Custom Asset Tag : Custom Void If Broken Asset Tag...
Part #:AT-3209-01-N 0.75" x 1.5" Matte AlumiGuard® Metal Asset Tag   Verified Purchase

Ok grate product

Very, very good the best l have ever used.
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May 01, 2017

Custom Asset Tag : Customizable Warranty Void Asset...
Part #:AT-3213-07-N 0.75" x 2" VOID if Removed StealGuard™ Label   Verified Purchase

As good as ever

As good as ever