Numbering on Metal Asset Tags

We offer two different ways to number our metal asset tags:
  • Anodized Numbers. The numbering is anodized. Numbers are sealed into the anodic layer of the aluminum and cannot be washed off. This is our default and most popular numbering method.
  • Stamped Numbers. The numbers are indented into the aluminum using a hot-stamp press. The black ink can be worn off but the indented number remains. This is the traditional way of manufacturing, but is much less popular now. Stamped numbers are available with our PlioGuard tags. If you prefer to have your numbering stamped please make a note in the Special Instructions box when you check out or contact our CSR team and they will set it up for you.
In all cases, the rest of the graphics (such as a logo or the company name) and background colors are anodized. The graphics are embedded into the pores of the aluminum and sealed. AlumiGuard barcodes are also fully anodized. The barcode is also embedded into the anodic layer of the aluminum for the ultimate durability.
Anodized Numbering on asset tag
Anodized Numbering
Stamped Numbering on asset tag
Stamped Numbering
Anodized Barcodes on asset tag
Anodized Barcodes