Laser Printable Labels: Sheets of SafeSeal™ Destructible Vinyl Labels - ¾" x 1" (100 Labels / Sheet) (LZR-AT-DEST-B) Learn More...

SPN# 585F
Color White
Shape Vertical

Product Description

SafeSeal™ Laser printable label sheets prevent and protect items from tampering! These destructible vinyl Labels bring you security and and tamper prevention, all in one tag.

  • These asset labels come in sheets of 100.
  • These sheets are only designed for small laser printers and may damage large-scale laser printers.
  • These thin labels are designed to show evidence of tampering by being "chipped away" to prevent reuse.
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  • 11" x 8.5"
  • Security Labels
  • Destructible Vinyl Label Sheets
Destructible Vinyl Label Sheets
Lasts 3+ years outside. Label breaks into small pieces if someone tries to remove it. The surface material is receptive to inks. Good chemical resistance. 170ºF Jun 21
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  • Tamperproof, destructible cast vinyl.
  • Breaks apart if someone tries to remove it.
  • Thin and conforms to most surfaces.
  • Permanent adhesive works on most surfaces.
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Size:11" x 8.5"
Material:Destructible Vinyl Label Sheets
500 Labels/Pack
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