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Part# AT-0003
SPN# 0130

Product Description

0.25in. x 1in. Consecutive Pre-Numbered Barcode Labels are great for small assets like tools. Just choose a starting number and pick your material for the tags.

  • Choose your starting number for these Barcode 3 of 9 labels.
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  • 0.25" x 1"
  • Durable Anodized Aluminum
  • AlumiGuard (5 mils matte)
  • AlumiGuard (5 mils matte)
AlumiGuard (5 mils matte)
Lasts 10+ years outside. Printing or lamination resists attack by chemicals and water. Choice of four high bond 3M adhesives. Design, Numbers or barcode on the label/tag cannot easily be defaced. 400ºF Dec 7
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  • Anodized aluminum tags – industry's quality leader. Our best-selling tag.
  • Legend, colors and barcode serial numbers are sealed into the aluminum and cannot be worn off.
  • Anti-glare surface enhances barcode scan rates.
  • Sticks permanently to plastics or metal. Choice of 3M adhesives.
  • Packaged on strips (usually from 8 - 12 labels per strip)
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Size:0.25" x 1"
Material:AlumiGuard (5 mils matte)
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100 Labels/Pack
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