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Part# L-3038
SPN# 478M
Shape Circle
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Product Description

Just add your own text and starting number to this circular Custom Color Coded Consecutive Number Round Label and conveniently apply to your inventory.

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  • 0.75" x "0.75"
  • Fluorescent Paper with Dispenser Box
  • Matte Litho Labels with Dispenser Box
Fluorescent Paper with Dispenser Box
Fluorescent labels get noticed. The surface material is receptive to inks. Permanent adhesive creates a strong bond with the surface. 160ºF Apr 13
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  • Brilliant fluorescent paper. 4 mil thick (w/o liner).
  • Affordable, and great for temporary, indoor applications.
  • Thermal transfer printed in 203dpi black ink
  • Write on labels with a pencil, marker, or ballpoint pen.
  • Labels come on a roll inside a dispenser box.
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Size:0.75" x "0.75"
Material:Fluorescent Paper with Dispenser Box
1000 Labels/Box
Per Box
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