3-Part Inventory Tag (#8): 3-Part NCR Tag, Sequentially Numbered, W/Adhesive Strip, 500/Pack (T401-N-PS3) Learn More...

Product Description

Make inventory tracking a breeze with our signature NCR multi-part inventory tags. The adhesive strip backing adds another level of visibility to these tags allowing you to display them in most locations, almost anywhere!

  • Three-ply NCR construction means that your writing is instantly transferred to both paper sheets and the underlying tag. The top paper sheets (in white and pink) can be torn off and used for office records or internal use.
  • We choose the starting number. You'll receive sequentially numbered tags for the quantity you order. The inventory tag and both tear-off forms are stamped with identical sequential numbers.
  • All tags include a durable fiber patch that helps prevent against pull off – enhancing the pull-strength.
  • Add wires or strings to your order for easy hanging or display.
  • The back of the tags include an adhesive strip allowing you adhere them to most surfaces as a viable alternative to strings and wires.
  • The backside of the inventory tag has pre-printed columns for In and Out inventory counts, or notes.
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  • 6.25" x 3.125"
  • Cardstock & Tyvek
  • 3-Part Inventory Tag
3-Part Inventory Tag
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  • Create two paper copies for the office. Write on the top paper copy. Your writing is transferred to the second sheet and then the tag itself. Papers are perforated at the top for easy removal.
  • Top sheet is a 60# white NCR paper. Second sheet is a 60# dyed NCR paper. The paper forms have the same preprinting as the underlying tag.
  • The tag and the corresponding tear-off sheets are stamped with the same number. The batch of tags, however, is stamped sequentially.
  • Reinforcing fiber patch is included. Eyelet diameter is 1/4".
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Size:6.25" x 3.125"
Material: 3-Part Inventory Tag
500 Tags/Pack
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