Property Tag Consecutive Numbered Labels, 0.75in. x 1in.: Property Tag - Choose Starting Consecutive Number (Pack of 100 labels) (AT-C-PROPERTY) Learn More...

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Available in destructible vinyl material, this label breaks apart after it has been tampered with!

  • Help thwart vandals. Destructible vinyl labels cannot be reused. Available in other materials too.
  • The labels are supplied on a sheet - 1000 labels per sheet.
  • These labels are prenumbered with barcode and human-readable digits to help you create a system to track your assets.
  • Select your label color and starting number of upto three digits.
  • All labels will be barcode numbered consecutively beginning with your starting number.
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    Sign lasts 2+ years outside.Label breaks into small pieces if someone tries to remove it. 170ºFApr 6
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    • 3 mil thick destructible white vinyl.
    • Breaks into tiny pieces upon removal. Thwart vandals.
    • Aggressive adhesive sticks well metal and most plastic surfaces.
    • Highly conformable.
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    Label has 2+ years outdoor durability. Great water resistance.250ºFApr 6
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    • Low cost aluminum foil tag.
    • Works well on metal or many smooth, plastic surfaces.
    • 2 mil thick annealed aluminum is conformable for curved areas.
    • Great for light-duty applications. Although printed on the surface, these tags wipe down easily. Print can be scratched with a scuffing.
    • Labels are semi-debossable and come on a sheet for easy organization.
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    Lasts 5+ years outside.Printing or lamination resists attack by chemicals and water.Can conform to a curved surface. Permanent adhesive creates a strong bond with the surface.160ºFApr 6
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    • Durable, 4 mil thick vinyl.
    • Laminated for durability.
    • Write on labels with a marker.
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    Sign lasts 2+ years outside.Good chemical resistance. Permanent adhesive creates a strong bond with the surface.200ºFApr 6
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    • 9.9 mil brushed silver metallic polyester labels.
    • Strong acrylic adhesive with a peel-off liner.
    • Wipe off dirt, grease, or water from surface.
    • Digitally printed, in full color.
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    Sign lasts 2+ years outside.Printing or lamination resists attack by chemicals and water.160ºFApr 6
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    • Affordable for budget-conscious buyers.
    • Premium vinyl with an aggressive adhesive.
    • Sticks to smooth metal and most plastic surfaces.
    • Conformable – for curved surfaces.
    • Not laminated – but labels are still easy to wipe down.
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