Top 10 Tips on Asset Tags / Property ID Tags

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How do you want to use your tags?

Too little attention is given, at the outset of an asset tagging project, to the actual process of tracking and using asset tags. Do you want to create a check-in / check-out system? Do you need to audit each asset's position? Do you want to create a maintenance database for your assets? Do you need create periodic reports for your accounting department, a school board or bank of your assets?

Many customers start with Excel and quickly realize that an XLS file is not sufficiently powerful for their needs. They find that once an asset is capable of being tracked, there are lots of potentail uses for this new database and that a simple spreadsheet is not secure or robust enough.

After losing patience with Excel, customers then look at stand-alone or cloud-based. Here, too, there are problems. These require training, new equipment and, above all a big $-investment. Asset tracking and management software can be a real budget-buster - costing from $2,000 to $10,000.

As a result of a constant stream of complaints from customers ("we love your tags but cannot find a good software package"), we developed AssetTiger.

Customers of ours get free access to this state-of the art, cloud-based software package. Scan and track assets all from your own SmartPhone. Customers rave about its power and ease and realize, quickly, that AsseTiger has all (if not more) of the sophistication and features of comparable packages that cost $-thousands a year.

It is easy to understand why 1000's of our customers now use AssetTiger.

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