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Connor Fields endorses BikeGuard Asset Tags
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How to Apply Your Free BikeGuard™ Asset Tags:

Your BikeGuard™ tags are constructed for easy installation. Here’s how it works:

1.  You register and order bike-specific tags for free.

2.  You should receive a set of three bike tags within a few business days

3.  Once you receive the set of tags, peel off the liner and apply the tags (via their adhesive, directly to your bike). The tags should be placed on the body of the bike, near the handlebars and/or underneath the seat, as shown. Make sure that you adhere the tags to an unobstructed part of your bicycle, where a smartphone will be able to scan them easily and straight on.

4.  After applying your BikeGuard™ tags, let them cure for two days, so that the adhesive has a chance to really stick.

5.  Ride your bike with the knowledge that it is identifiable via BikeGuard tags. Your bike is now registered, and marked with a unique ID number tag that is already registered with an international database. BikeGuard tags also have a QR code that, when scanned with a SmartPhone, can take you instantly to your personal bike page.