Guide to Tamper Evident Security Seals



Important Factors:

  • Size

    Knowing what size you would need your seal to be is very important for the application. Too small; and you might end up with a seal that’s more difficult to remove than it needs to be.

    Too large; and you might end up with a seal that’s easy to remove, defeating its purpose. Thankfully, our Adjustable Security Seals are a great option which suits many needs!

    Adjustable Seal

  • Strength & Material

    Whether you are transporting food & beverages, or military equipment; understanding which seal’s strength to take advantage of is key in the success of your system. Thankfully, we have many options varying from our High Security Bolt Seals to our Durable Cable Seals. If you have questions as to which seal you’d need for your use, don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • Ease of Use & Information

    In terms of easy to use products, you’ll find that our seals are top notch. You can use an Inventory Management System (IMS) in tandem with the numbering on the seals to keep track of shipments, products, and anything else you decide to seal. Our seals have the option of being barcoded as well, so you can even use scanners!