Top 10 Tips on Asset Tags / Property ID Tags

It can be an overwhelming process to select the right asset tag and asset label, especially since there are so many options to choose from. The first thing to do before you buy asset tags is to select the right material. The right material ensures that your tag stays intact in extreme temperatures, resists chemical abuse, abrasion, tampering, theft, relocation and more. Take a look at some of the best asset tags in the industry that you can choose from.

Choose the Right Material for Your Asset Tag or Asset Label

The AlumiGuard® metal asset tags always look as good as new. They last a lifetime. Your information is sealed into the anodized layer of the aluminum. In addition, embedded black graphics are metallic silver particles that resist heat, chemicals, abrasion and sunlight. For outdoors, use dark blue or black AlumiGuard® asset tags.

The PermaGuard® asset labels are printed underneath a thick, 3 mil clear plastic with a scratch-resistant surface. This helps reduce glare and adds a professional touch to your asset label. PermaGuard® labels are available with our aggressive adhesive.

Destructible vinyl asset labels thwart vandals. These SecuriGuard asset labels cannot be removed cleanly. They break into tiny pieces. These destructible plastic asset labels cannot be reused or moved. Destructible asset labels are also good for outdoor use.

StealGuard polyester asset labels show a 'VOID' pattern when you try to remove it. This is a great security device.

Our innovative BikeGuard asset labels are the favorite of schools and communities nationwide. These asset labels use special slits in the aluminum that stop someone from removing your label and then reusing it on another bike. BikeGuard™ asset labels are not just for bikes; we have customers that use these aluminum asset labels for trailers and even golf carts. Like our other aluminum asset labels, BikeGuard™ labels are durable outside. Your printing is embedded within the aluminum.

PlioGuard is another of specialty products. Use these asset tags when have a curved surface or irregular surface. Annealed first, these aluminum asset tags are highly conformable and easily bend around a tool, a microphone or handle. Yet, our PlioGuard™ asset tags are durable. Like our AlumiGuard® tags, the printing is sealed into the aluminum and, in most cases, our tags outlast your asset.  

All materials can be used with a barcode or serial number. When you stick an asset tag to your surface, also have a bit of patience. Most of our adhesives take 72 hours for final cure. An asset tag that can be removed cleanly after 30 minutes can become quite impossible to remove after 24 hours. Heating the application surface accelerates the cure time. A thick adhesive is needed when you want to stick an asset tag or asset label on an irregular or bumpy surface.
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StealGuard™ – Self-Voiding Property ID Labels
This asset label shows VOID pattern when someone tampers or removes it. Over-laminate stands up to abuse.