Step-by-step guide to creating DIY vintage metal rim tags

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Metal rim tags before and after the process


If you’re in love with all things vintage, here is something that will appease your visual senses. Create easy and inexpensive vintage metal tags using the power of tea leaves—all in the comfort of your home. These metal tags have a multitude of uses—gift packing, product packaging and shipping, marking, decoration, scrapbooking, creating DIY special date calendars, jewelry, and more. Draw your kid’s favorite cartoons, embellish them with crystals, laces, and ribbons, write love quotes and turn them into fridge magnets. Things you can achieve with vintage metal rim tags are only limited by your imagination!

What you’ll need

Creating your own antique tags is easy. Most of the ingredients for this DIY project are easily available in any kitchen: a cup, a tea bag, some warm water. All you need now are some white, blank metal rim tags that can be bought here.

Step 1

Metal Rim Tags  Tag dipped in tea water

Dip the tea bag in a cup filled with warm water. After the tea leaves inside give off their color, dip a white metal tag inside the cup so that it is completely immersed in the water.

Step 2

Tag in tea water










Keep the tag immersed inside the tea-infused water for a few minutes. You’ll see the color of the tag slowly changing to brown. The tea helps the paper of the tag age. You can also soak the tag in coffee. For richer color, use more coffee grounds in water or dunk your tea bag in hot water for five minutes or longer.

Step 3

Tag turns brown










Once the color of the tag completely changes to brown, take it out of the water and let it dry indoors on a clean, airy surface.


Tag color from white to brown   Personalized metal rim tags

Your vintage looking tag is ready! Use your newly-created (vintage) tags any way you want.

DIY vintage looking tags










Create as many DIY Vintage metal rim tags as you like using the same process.

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